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All Nigerian Urban / States Postcodes

Get all Nigerian States zip codes / postcodes here. Also learn how to find a zip code or postcode for any location in Nigeria.

A zip code is required of you? Or probably you are wondering what really is a zip code?
Read this: Zip codes are not applicable in Nigeria, so...

Postcodes are used in place of Zip codes in Nigeria! Right?

Don't be confused.

Meanwhile, Postcode is a sequence of letters and numbers added to a postal address to aid the sorting and delivery of post/mail.

So, at first...

How can you find a Postcode for anywhere in Nigeria?

How to Find Nigerian Postcodes

Finding a postcode or zip code can be tricky at times but I can assure you, it is very easy equally.

Well, of course you can head to our Nigeria Postal Codes Section for ALL valid postal codes deposited by Local Government Areas as well as areas and streets;

Or better still...

You can easily and conveniently goto the Nigerian Postal Service official website to find your particular location postcode.

All what you will need is an active internet connection, open your browser, the name or the town, area and street. And in no time, your postcode is displayed.

Anyway, follow the simple directions below.

And at once, you get what you requested for.
More so, we've gathered all Nigerian Urban locations or States postcodes here for you.

List of Nigerian Urban / States Postcodes

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