The Wager Drama

Deciding a social cause to focus on for the Wager Task had tempers flaring. Tacha who never shies away from confrontation was at the centre of attention as her topic of feminism raised a few eyebrows among the rest of the other Housemates who wanted to choose a more balanced cause. They settled for domestic abuse, but it was still contentious and as Tacha wanted it to majorly reflect the abuses women deal with while the rest of the Housemates wanted a gender-balanced approach. Unable to come to an agreement, Tacha stormed off to continue cooking leaving the Housemates to continue without her. A plea from Seyi and Ike eventually brought her back to join the Team.

Director Seyi

As the Housemates rehearsed for the Wager Task Presentation Night play Seyi showed exemplary directorial skills as he kept supplying lines and defining the roles of each of the Housemates. Known for showing charismatic leadership despite having never been the Head of House, Seyi showed a new side with his directorial debut. Who knew he had it in him.

Housemates, Freeze!

As a little relief exercise in the Pepper Dem House, Biggie surprised the Housemates with amusing freezing moments. As anticipated, Biggie’s Ninjas played a major role in the freeze times. Trust us to capture the different categories the Housemates portrayed during this little exercise:

The Snoring Hulk
While proving to be smarter than Biggie, the Housemates took comfortable positions as soon as the heard him shout – Freeze! In their respective “fake sleeping” positions, our very own Mike, was found snoring, as he had already moved past the freeze moment and moved straight into dreamland.

1562780393 56 screenshot 2019 07 10 at 12.40.38 pm

Bonnie and Clyde
We always have that one couple that does everything together. Eat together, play together and freeze together. Our Pepper Dem couple of the Season – Gedoni and Khafi, served couple goals during the freeze moments. Biggie’s Ninjas did not spare them during the whip cream rounds they had in the garden, as they were the easy target for Biggie’s torture.

1562780441 56 screenshot 2019 07 10 at 3.24.04 pm

The Sleep-Warriors
Ike was seen fighting a Ninja who attempted to take off his sunglasses during the freeze exercise. This prompted Biggie’s Ninjas to raid the House for the second round of freeze session – as an act of revenge for Ike. Unfortunately, the other Housemates suffered the whip cream torture, except Jeff who saw the whip cream punishment as a treat, as he licked off the cream as the Ninjas sprayed on.

1562780595 56 screenshot 2019 07 10 at 12.29.23 pm

The Jokers
Omashola did not fail to portray his goofy side during this freeze time.

1562780675 56 screenshot 2019 07 10 at 3.35.46 pm

Roles and Props