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BBNaija: ‘Esther Has Pressed Frodd’s Mumu Button’ – Angry Fans Blow Hot As She Calls Him Out (Video)

Big Brother Naija housemate, Frodd has earned himself some anger from Nigerians following his new relationship with Esther. Speculations are that Esther doesn’t want him and has been trying to push him away but he has been adamant about her, forcing himself on her.

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Esther was not feeling well on Friday. Frodd had tried to take care of her but she refused. He insisted, fawning over her and also made fun of her, saying she was exaggerating it and wasn’t grateful he cooked for her. She got annoyed by it and told him that she didn’t want his help.

Fans were angry at the level of toxicity in their relationship and mostly at Frodd for sticking to Esther when she clearly didn’t want him. Here are some comments gathered:

This Frodd guy needs to leave this Esther babe alone. How else do you want her to behave before you decide that being friends or whatever with her isn’t worth it?”

“Esther will still do more. Watch out the space. It seems that her hatred is growing on daily basis, I.e, she’s fed up and Frodd irritates her. I understand that feeling when you don’t like a guy. You treat him like shit if he persist to disturb you. Frodd is ready.”

On this note I come to conclusion that frodd is playing his game with Esther, person no fit mumu like this on a normal level.”

Frodd is a sweet guy but his act of kindness is definitely for a wrong person, Esther, who has times without number, shown she isn’t interested, by trying to show she’s an “independent woman”. I think Frodd is mistaking her grotesque attitude for “hard to get”. It’s sad.”

Frodd the good man that does not know his own value…He is a grown man, and if Esther can make him be seen as stupid then he really is stupid. And there’s no point wasting N60m on a dumb man is there?”