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#BBNaija: Ex-housemate, Teddy A reacts to Seyi’s ‘insecure pr*ck’ statement

Ex-housemate, Teddy A responds to current housemate Seyi Awolowo who called him an insecure pr*ck after he gave him .

Ex-housemate, Teddy A reacts to Seyi’s insecure prick statement


Ok so here is how it started, former #Bbnaija housemate, TeddyA, his wife Bambam and some ex-housemate like Rico, Bassey, Soma, Deeone, Vandora Lolu, Miyonsea etc where invited to the Big brother house to spend the Independence Day with the current top 5 finalists… Seyi Awolowo who played the host was cracking jokes and at a point, he jokingly said he would have gone for Bambam if he was amongst the ‘double wahala’ housemates.

They all laughed and continued partying until it was time to take photos, Seyi went behind Bambam for a shot only to receive a light slap from TeddyA who told him “you know no say na person wife be that“, Seyi, however, moved forward, the pictures were taken and the party ended well… .

The guests left and the housemates returned to the house and Seyi started ranting saying why would TeddyA slap him for wanting to take pictures with Bambam, he has his own fiance who is hot… He said if it was outside the house this happened he would have given Teddy A a big blow on his mouth, that Teddy A was an insecure little prick, he went on and on for about 30 minutes calling Teddy A all sort of names.

Although he admitted to Frood the he was a bit under the influence of alcohol… Teddy A on the other side after watching Seyi’s rant tweeted:

“my people, my people’… “So Seyi called me insecure, I laugh in maturity” .