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BBNaija: Fans Come After Venita For Bullying Khafi; Says People Should Not Compare Them (Video)

The Pepper Dem housemates of the Big Brother Naija are living up to the theme of the season as they keep bringing drama and controversies into the house. Has there ever been a Task without a fight? Nope! Caught in the crossfires this time are Venita and Khafi who got into a little shouting match.

Recall that Seyi had won the Head of House Challenge for the second week back to back and will now be referred to as the ‘Tor Tiv’ by the housemates. They will have to organise a coronation ceremony and grand reception for him and the Task would be delivered as a drama. The preparation for the Task began in earnest, but not without a few hiccups.


According to reports, while they were busy trying to figure out how to get the coronation task done, Venita had a clash with Khafi over the roles and was heard saying people can not compare her and Khafi because she is an award winning actress and Khafi is a Police Officer. She implied Khafi is poor compared to her and she is not in limelight like her she is. But speculations have it that they were having the clash because of Gedoni.

Fans didn’t understand why Venita would berate Khafi by saying they shouldn’t be compared simply because she was a police officer while others just theorised that Gedoni was the cause of the fight between the two ladies. Here are some comments gathered:

“As Venita is doing fine as an actress in the outside world, why is she dragging roles with Khafi. Is she afraid Khafi will outshine her.”

I honestly didn’t watch earlier today what transpired between Khafi and Venita but Venita should stay in her lane. She likes to intrude and put herself into other people situations.”

I’m not the biggest fan of Khafi but she’s definitely speaking the truth about Venita. She came into the house with the game of putting everyone against each other. She started with Omashola and Frodd but those ones don japa. Now she’s on to the next prey.”

Could their fight really be about Gedoni though?