100+ Business Ideas To Start With No/Low Capital in Nigeria

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The business or jobs an average Nigerian Youth can start with less capital are listed and discuss in this article. Or Jobs suggestions for Naija youths better still. Best, hot and easy Naija Jobs for youth are undoubtedly what Nigeria youths are looking for, and to make their search rewarding, Topify has painstakingly identify over one hundred easy jobs ideas in Nigeria every employed and unemployed youth can take on.

There is always the following questions most people ask:

  • What are best business to start with 200k?
  • What best business to start with 20k?
  • What business you can start with no capital or no money?
  • Business you can start with 5000 naira
  • What Business ideas or what are ideas for new business?
  • Business suggestion please?
  • These and many more other questions on business suggestions and ideas for youth in Nigeria, for everyone male or female.

    Business is an integral part of the modern society. It is an organised systematic way of earning profit. It’s concerned with activities of people working towards a common economic goal. Business is to improve the standard of living of the people by providing better quality and large variety of goods and services at the right time and at the right place.

    Furthermore, individual lives in a business environment which is indispensable part of the society. The essence of this is to satisfy individual wants by providing variety of goods and services through wide networking of business activities.

    What Business or Job Can I Start With No Capital?

    Are you wondering what, which job or business can you engage in and bring you fortune that you can start with no or less capital in Nigeria? Of course there are lots but don’t worry the list is below. Back then in 1960s, the Challenge of unemployment was basically that of primary and secondary school leavers which was then believed to be as a result of their ill-equipment and lack of specific skills to offer the labour market. Meanwhile, unemployment is becoming serious and growing more threat to these days graduates in Nigeria.

    However, the list of businesses ideas mostly Naija youth can embark on with no or low capital are believed to be easy to form and it requires no or less formal registration, and the pressing matter about them is the mentality each and every youth employs to tackle them. All jobs or businesses needs “packaging” more than ever in Nigeria of today. You will agree with me that nothing is new under the sun, and for Nigerians to appreciate your services, you ought to have done a great deal of worthy service boosted with “packaging“.

    Many people believe that one cannot engage in Business except one has sufficient capital. While this maybe true for medium to large scale business, it is not necessarily true for most small scale business which one may embark on upon in the comfort of one’s home. Many think about money before the business and since money is not easy to come by, such people never come close to actually doing any business. It is sometimes difficult to identify viable projects, but that precisely is the beginning of starting a business, Topify.com.ng has identified over one hundred business and job opportunities for small and medium scale categories which cover service oriented ventures, craftsmanship, agriculture, processing, manufacturing, commerce, e.tc but all still need enough branding, rebranding, and packaging.

    Below is the list of  business ideas or jobs an average nigeria youth can opt to do, they are money spinning in no time and less number of people are actually aware that these businesses makes a huge amount of money.

    List of Low Cost Business Ideas In Nigeria

    1. Food and Beverage Production
    2. Snacks Delivery Service
    3. Soap Production
    4. Nylon Production
    5. Fish Farming
    6. Plastic Crushing
    7. Ice Block Production
    8. Bone Meal Production
    9. Snail Rearing
    10. Grass cutter rearing
    11. Firewood supply
    12. Growing vegetables during the dry season
    13. Packaging of Food items
    14. Meat Retailing
    15. Plantain Production
    16. Restaurants services
    17. Backyard Poultry Raising
    18. Chemical Products
    19. Buying and Selling Used Gadgets
    20. Spark Plug Reconditioning
    21. Rabbit raising
    22. Organising Labour Squad
    23. Operating a Nursery School
    24. Child Minding
    25. Home Laundry Services
    26. Arranging Food for Parties
    27. Designing and Making Children’s Dresses
    28. Raising of Pets
    29. Growing Fresh Maize
    30. Distilling and Bottling for Factories and Petrol Stations
    31. Charcoal making
    32. Piggery
    33. Purchasing Food and Other items for group of friends
    34. Sign Writing
    35. Raising of Seedlings and seeds
    36. Writing of Books for Publication
    37. Portrait Painting
    38. Producing Beer Meat
    39. Raising of Flowers
    40. Landscaping
    41. Making Basket and Cages
    42. Making Brooms
    43. Toothpicks or Cocktail Sticks production
    44. Sand Blocks / Burnt Bricks
    45. Taxi Driving
    46. Cane Technology
    47. Amateur Painting
    48. Organising Cooking Squad
    49. Typing Institutions
    50. Selling Leaves(e.g to Factories)
    51. Selling foods at Building Sites
    52. Medical Practice
    53. Supply logs to Sawmills
    54. Pallet Making
    55. Trading in Used Jute Bags and Papers
    56. Litter Packing from Poultry Houses
    57. Production of Conference Bags
    58. Sowing and Harvesting
    59. Organising Tractor Hiring Services
    60. Operating Nursery Till 5.00pm
    61. Home made Bread and Cakes
    62. Farm Input Purchases, Distribution and Application
    63. Photography
    64. Car Washing
    65. Making of Decorative Pots
    66. Sanitation Client
    67. Collecting Research Materials
    68. Speech Writing
    69. Concrete Block Production
    70. All round Marketing
    71. Editorial Works
    72. Training Workshops for Various groups
    73. Organising Tours
    74. Language Lessons
    75. Music Lessons
    76. Translation (e.g Sign language)
    77. Driving School
    78. Publishers Representative
    79. Clearing and Forwarding
    80. Operating Grating and Grinding Machines
    81. Renting out Canopies and Chairs
    82. Coaching Service
    83. Renting Generator Sets
    84. Operating Barking Salon
    85. Baby Cots and Toys
    86. Hair Weaving
    87. Insurance Brokerage
    88. Consultancies
    89. Organising Dancing, Singing or Acting Troupes
    90. Hiring Trucks for Movement of Goods
    91. Organising Cultural groups for occasions
    92. Fast Foods
    93. Selling Farm Products
    94. Land Surveying
    95. Telephone Operation
    96. Veterinary Services
    97. Running a Catering Institute
    98. Running Approved Boarding Houses
    99. Manufacture and Distributions of Farm Tools
    100. Gifts fo Special Occasions
    101. Tailoring
    102. Bricklaying
    103. Plumbing
    104. Tinkering
    105. Electrical Installation
    106. Weaving Tradition Clothes
    107. Publicity Agents
    108. Landing and Property Agent
    109. Public Relation Officers
    110. GSM Recharge Cards Dealer
    111. Selling Of Phone Accessories and perhaps,
    112. Professional Practice (Law, Accountancy, Education, e.tc)

    And with all these, there is chances of you handling more than one and makes whole lot of money. But however, seek insights before delving into any of the businesses if you know you ain’t vested with abundant knowledge about it an remember choose the one that you have some passion for.

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