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How To Make Casava Fufu Step-by-step

Cassava fufu also referred to as Akpu (in Igbo), Loi Loi, Santana and Mr White or authentic fufu. Let's take you you are by way of how to put together cassava fufu with its easy components.


Fufu is a staple food generally present in numbers of African nations most notably Nigeria and Ghana. The conventional and one greatest methodology of creating fufu is with cassava.

Cassava Fufu is greatest served with groundnut soup (egusi soup as known as in Nigeria), eru (Cameroon), palm nut soup or mild soup.

Fufu incorporates a better quantity of carbohydrate and a little bit little bit of protein and fats. It can be very low in ldl cholesterol and really wealthy in potassium.

This variant of Fufu is achieved by mixing and pounding separate equal parts of cassava starch completely with water.

Fufu components

  • Tubers of cassava
  • Water
  • Baking soda (elective)

Initial Making of Fufu with Cassava

  1. With cassava now at disposal, peel the cassava pores and skin and minimize the cassava tuber into smaller items (fairly) then cut up each bit within the center half the place you possibly can see the fibre.
  2. Thoroughly wash the cassava and place in a container. Add water into the container until it fills up and fully overwhelmed the tubers in it. Then you possibly can add two teaspoons of baking soda (if accessible).
  3. Cover the container and maintain it to ferment in a secure area for about four days. By this time, the cassava may need being fermented which might be affirmed by the softness state of the cassava.
  4. Strain the fermented cassava to take away extra water. Then place in a blender or food processor and course of right into a puree. You could have to do that in two batches for higher outcome please.
  5. You can now discover and take away any fibre you see within the puree by both inspecting together with your hand by way of the puree and choosing out any fibre, or by including water to the puree then passing it by way of a strainer.
  6. Pour the puree right into a clear shivering material or kitchen towel or cheese material the squeeze to take away extra water. Better nonetheless, you possibly can tightly tie the kitchen material containing the puree and place within the kitchen sink with a heavy object on high to assist push out the water. When the surplus water is out, your fufu is prepared to be cooked!

How to Cook Cassava fufu

Cooking Style One

  1. Place the uncooked fufu in a pot then run by way of it together with your fingers to dissolve any extra lumps. Add 1 / 4 cup of water and blend to type a paste.
  2. Place on medium excessive warmth then cowl and let it relaxation for two - 3minutes relying on the amount you are cooking.
  3. Start stirring with a stirring rod or picket spoon, mixing laborious sufficient to dissolve the lumps that type because it cooks.
  4. Add water as wanted whereas stirring to make sure that the fufu just isn't too sturdy. Keep mixing on warmth till the fufu strikes from being shiny white to an off-white color. It is prepared when it's an off-white color. Note that, you will have to pull it off warmth to stir nicely and reinstate later after thorough kneading.
  5. Turn off the warmth then mould the fufu into lumps (formed like small logs of wooden or like balls) if you want.
  6. Enjoy with any soup of selection!

Cooking Style Two

  1. Put some water to boil. The water must be sufficient to cowl the balls of cassava.
  2. Put the uncooked cassava fufu in a bowl and knead together with your fingers to combine the particles nicely. Add some water as you accomplish that, a little bit at a time. This is to make it bind collectively whenever you make the balls. Make positive it isn't too gentle.
  3. Aftermath, make medium balls of the cassava fufu and put aside. If it's too weak to make balls, add some cassava flour and blend nicely. This is often the case when you strive to cook dinner Cassava Fufu which you extracted from cassava tubers the identical day.
  4. When the water boils, add the liner to cowl the within of the pot. Then add the cassava fufu balls.
  5. Cover the pot and cook dinner for five minutes. When you see cracks on the balls, it means it's prepared to be taken off for the primary spherical of pounding.
  6. Turn off the warmth. Transfer the balls of cassava fufu to a mortar and pound very nicely to crush all of the lumps. If utilizing a stand mixer, put it within the bowl and run it to combine the "dough". When carried out, the fufu will look white and clean with no lumps.
  7. Mould them once more and put aside. This time the moulds must be a bit flatter.
  8. Top up the unique water and produce to a boil.
  9. Add the moulds of fufu and cook dinner for one more 5 minutes. We cook dinner fufu twice as a result of on the half-done stage, the lumps are simpler to crush. If you strive to cook dinner it straight until carried out, it will likely be not possible to crush the lumps and the fufu will likely be too gentle.

A nicely carried out cassava fufu has an off-white color. If it's virtually gray, it means it is overcooked.

Cassava Fufu Serving

You also can merely wrap parts of the Cassava fufu in skinny plastic movie. You also can make a fist together with your hand and make a despair on the centre of the mound of fufu.

Make the mound of fufu clean by transferring the perimeters to the centre of the mound until the perimeters have a round form. Turn the round mound of fufu the wrong way up and place it on a dry clear plate.