COMEDY SKIT: Broda shaggi and Frank Donga

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Broda shaggi and

Here is one other hilarious comedy skit by Broda Shaggi

Download Broda shaggi and frank Donga. Watch and Download Broda shaggi and.

This one no know as e dey go, abeg who’s a at a fault?

Laugh out loud with Broda Shaggi comedy skits.

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jovayutube August 4, 2019

"… constitangenitial proteineous elementation" – Broda Shaggi. CHEI ! Dis one pass me !

alimaxion August 4, 2019

Advertisement in another dimension

Scope Comedy August 4, 2019

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Chris Odemwingie August 4, 2019

When are coming to Italy on your Europe trip

Chris Odemwingie August 4, 2019

More Grace brother

Tachere Praise August 4, 2019

Oga we have problem oh 😀
Broda shaggy don finally change knicker 😀

Cynthia Nwodo August 4, 2019

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EmYgOld WoRLd ENterTaInMeNt August 4, 2019

shaggi non go kill person

EmYgOld WoRLd ENterTaInMeNt August 4, 2019


lucas micheal August 4, 2019

More endorsement signing nigga shaggi

Ayodele Okaraga August 4, 2019

Na real problem una da so…

JF JnR August 4, 2019

Brodda shaggi

Orental Brothers August 4, 2019

Oga we have problem oo

Prince Justice August 4, 2019

Wow this so so crazy

onyekwelu anideh August 4, 2019

3rd to comment… Gather here if you watched twice

Kelly Perry August 4, 2019

Broad shaggy nor go kill person ooh

Ikanoba Saddiq August 4, 2019

First person everybody ✅

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