COMEDY SKIT: Broda Shaggi – Big Broda Lagos (Ep 14)

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Big broda Lagos

Here is one other hilarious comedy skit by Broda Shaggi

Download Big broda Lagos (EPISODE 14) brodashaggi sleeps with Monalisa. Watch and Download Big broda Lagos.

Abi jo be wetin he say make we do, he say make we sleep collectively….abi wetin biggy need once more sef😡

Laugh out loud with Broda Shaggi comedy skits.

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Thankgod Nnaji August 4, 2019

I am just watching her jumping up and down while on the chair.. The 2 big tomatoes are so big!

Fejiro Wilcox August 4, 2019

what do u meant

Idahosa Amenzeglory August 4, 2019

I love broda shaggi

EmmablinksComedy August 4, 2019

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Promise Eazi August 4, 2019

Bro shaggi you need a therapist

Andrew Turay August 4, 2019

Eheeh…i knw say i no be ya type, wetin concern me wit ya type?! Killed it dere!

sammy g August 4, 2019

is a she…

Harrison Okafor August 4, 2019

Is shaking d boobs really dat necessary

Niyi Law August 4, 2019

I go respect you, I go sleep with her

alimaxion August 4, 2019

Do you see what I see

Star Bella August 4, 2019

Is a she oooh

osaro evidence August 4, 2019

I have been waiting for it please hit the like please so funny

lucas micheal August 4, 2019

Na still sleeping things na lmao

Emeka Stephen August 4, 2019

Shaggi u no serious

7lostheart August 4, 2019

You dey find free puma abi? Broad Shaggy make you dey use you tongue count your teeth o, no be every meat be meat wen person suppose put mouth o. Some dey make teeth pain person. Oye e?

Jerry White August 4, 2019

Next part please

Mark Norbert August 4, 2019

Monalisa don get belle oo brig broda

Frosh Olivia August 4, 2019

Why’s she always showing us her breast, but that’s not my problem. Did big brother just speak pidgin English.

Joshua unegbu August 4, 2019

I too love brodda shaggi

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