COMEDY SKIT: Broda Shaggi – Big Broda Lagos (Episode 2)

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Brodashaggi in

Here is one other hilarious comedy skit by Broda Shaggi

Download Brodashaggi in BIG BRODA LAGOS(EPISODE 2). Watch and Download Brodashaggi in.

The insult for this home is a an excessive amount of, wetin dem take me for sef?

Laugh out loud with Broda Shaggi comedy skits.

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ooshh MOVE August 4, 2019

99 comments am the one who make it reach 100 ! If you're happy with it OYA HIT ME

Dawn Tonye August 4, 2019

Do u know how old are me

princess fadoju August 4, 2019

He said lol laugh outside lagos

Shafi Abdulrahmon August 4, 2019

Who reliably tell you

deenah deenah August 4, 2019

Lmao u go call tire sotey u go lose weight …do u knw how old re me ..lmao i wan knw who reliable tell u

Oluwa mide August 4, 2019

LMAO, broda shaggy broda biggy broda shaggy broda biggy broda shaggy broda biggy 6x

John spencer August 4, 2019

go and flush joor. #oya hit me

Oluwatoyin Oyewole Oyewola August 4, 2019

Brodashaggi you too much more blessing in JESUS Name Amen Amen love you

Adeniran Joseph August 4, 2019

laffin outside lagos

Adebari Aderibigbe August 4, 2019

Brother Biggy lack respect
He does not know who the boss is….. Big Broda is broke

kenny kenny August 4, 2019

This guy is too funny, I so much like him

Afolabi Jeremiah August 4, 2019

Lol nor be small big brother Lagos

Yusuf Momodu August 4, 2019

Chai Big brother haff enter wahala!!!

JOHN BLESSED August 4, 2019

broda shaggy Weldon
hahahahaha lol laughing outside Lagos

Ahanor Anointed August 4, 2019

pls allow me sit d way I was,his many times did I call u,border shaggy ,border bigy,6times

Kolawole Ismail August 4, 2019

Shaggi, shaggi, broda shaggi how many times did I call u, oya go and flush ur shit

Morufat Shitta August 4, 2019

broda shaggi lol laugh outside Lagos give me 30 naira make I use watch my singlet cause oyinbo say a singlet in a dirty form for of insoles is faithfulness to devil thaink u

Don Ken August 4, 2019

Lol (laugh outside lagos)… this guy is good

Prosper Martins August 4, 2019

Brodda shaggy yaf killed me.. …..this is how we sit in mushin

Ezekiel Comedy August 4, 2019

Brodashaggi u need big deliverance

adedeji Samuel August 4, 2019

Laughing outside Lagos

Kemi Tumininu August 4, 2019

this guy is something else… wahala your matter tire me gan ni
.. werey boi

Tochukwu Ejim August 4, 2019

this guy deserve him own television station.

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