COMEDY SKIT: Broda Shaggi – Big Broda Lagos

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Here is one other hilarious comedy skit by Broda Shaggi

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Me wey simply land, dis massive broda no get sense oooo oloun #comedy #nigeria #brodashaggi

Laugh out loud with Broda Shaggi comedy skits.

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Chiam Ozor August 4, 2019

U too good guy oloshi omo

Dawn Victoria America August 4, 2019

Chinaka I dey a joyous celebration.

Ijenwa_the _PAINKILLER August 4, 2019

Hahahhaah enition hahahaha

Nwaejinefu Stella August 4, 2019

I have died here with laughter

lata love August 4, 2019

Oh my mine. Love it

UniqueLola August 4, 2019

If biggie knows what’s good for him…he will not allow broda shaggi in for diary session

Obinna Eva August 4, 2019

Sorry, I meant Broda Shaggy

Obinna Eva August 4, 2019

Nice one Shaggy

Agbon Joshua JESSE August 4, 2019

Exceptional…raw talent

Valentino Telentino August 4, 2019

"How old are me"

"It's over yet" lwkmd

Sk August 4, 2019

nice one shaggi. keep it coming n make sure u feature smo lion

Everyday With Irene August 4, 2019

Broda shaggy ooo haha haha nice one bro

Onomuophu Gboy August 4, 2019

Eeeh brodashaggi u too stubborn

Amida Ibrahim August 4, 2019

Broda shaggi just too funny

Monday Blessing August 4, 2019

This one weak me,oya hit me

George Geo August 4, 2019

You are the best shaggi

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