COMEDY SKIT: Broda Shaggi – Birth Of Jesus In Mushin

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Here is one other hilarious comedy skit by Broda Shaggi

Download BIRTH OF JESUS IN MUSHIN…..(full video) broda shaggi – comedy – oyahitme. Watch and Download BIRTH OF JESUS IN.


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Laugh out loud with Broda Shaggi comedy skits.

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Brandon Biboy August 4, 2019

Lol u no kill me ya

Abdullahi Hassan August 4, 2019

Chelsey na amaka. Oya hit me.

All this will make you laugh and forget your past August 4, 2019

She dey talk like Helen Paul oya hit me like

hyanu updates August 4, 2019

Belle is jumping oniown oo

Queency Festus August 4, 2019

I too love this girl for real

banji adewale August 4, 2019

Jesus shaggi… baddest

banji adewale August 4, 2019

Even Mary shout Jesus when she see the belle

banji adewale August 4, 2019

Angel shout Jesus… but Mary never born Jesus nah

temitope honeyberry August 4, 2019

Doing kukekuke hahaha

Kalu Catherine August 4, 2019

lol lord hv mercy

ariyo victoria August 4, 2019

Nice one.but come oh,how much did milani paid you for their advert?

goj gyt August 4, 2019

Jesus shaggi….hahahaha

Alimi Kehinde August 4, 2019

Belle don become frog sha don't jump on me too o

Alimi Kehinde August 4, 2019

Broda shaggi and tiri fife

Eedris aloma August 4, 2019

Hahahaha ahhahhh Jesus shaggi ooo

Victorious August 4, 2019

Jumping oninown

Big Dovez August 4, 2019

funny die #!
can't stop

EGEMASI MIRACLE August 4, 2019

I repeated this video more than 3 times, I can't stop laughing..

saudi arab funny videos oo August 4, 2019

This is not funny at all

SEGUN VLOGGER August 4, 2019

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