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Broda Shaggi

Here is one other hilarious comedy skit by Broda Shaggi

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Laugh out loud with Broda Shaggi comedy skits.

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Adedoyin Odumosu August 4, 2019

If Angel Gabriel get you, the kind of beaten he will give u, you will run back to Nigeria asap

Douglas Samuel August 4, 2019

Angel Mathew!!!!

MARTINS OYETADE August 4, 2019

broda shaggi broda shaggi my love for your skit na 100%
the notification is always on
chop noku bruv,,,, bravo for you

Cynthia Bernards August 4, 2019

Ahah angel Matthew Hahahahahah

Sexy Diva August 4, 2019

Lolzzzz my belle ooooo
Broda shaggi one

Obey Always August 4, 2019

He wants to tear angel matthew white garment…..Bro Shagga don dey craze

Samson Udegbunam August 4, 2019

Brother shaggi what's the problem

G Doncapela August 4, 2019

who else is watching and reading comment… #oyinbo say broda shaggi af mad!

Young Nelly August 4, 2019

Broda shaggy nor go kill person ooooo

the lazy luchi family August 4, 2019

Muscle pool and spinal cord keh… Yeah #insultoftheday.

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