COMEDY SKIT: Broda Shaggi – Monalisa in Big Broda

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Monalisa in Big

Here is one other hilarious comedy skit by Broda Shaggi

Download Monalisa in Big broda ‘s home…BRODASHAGGI. Watch and Download Monalisa in Big.

This woman too like food oloun…make she sha no do mistake chop my food… if not…if not…

Laugh out loud with Broda Shaggi comedy skits.

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Thankgod Nnaji August 4, 2019

You fat eaaaa, fat like balloon.
But you get breast.. Surely you can kill someone with it!

joy jesse August 4, 2019

Another craze don enter d house….

alimaxion August 4, 2019

That's why you are big, hobbies > eating * infinity

amarachi orji August 4, 2019

There is no way bro shaggy has not press this breast

D striker vevo August 4, 2019

Monafatest,see breast see see,

odiegwu August 4, 2019

This is the type of breast I love in a woman, please don't shy can any lady with this type of boobs reach me through this email so that we can discuss something. [email protected]

Sir Eugene August 4, 2019

Breastfully blessed

Victor Tomson August 4, 2019

She carry oooh

Adebayo Phillip August 4, 2019

That ninja, in be like say na ushbabe do am

MIGHTY BOLT August 4, 2019

if I use breast slap u u will turn deaf lol

lawal king August 4, 2019

This b*****b na healer, it can heals you from sickness, becos Oyinbosay the boob is good for healthy men…

All things Legal August 4, 2019

Big brother savage

Ebuka Okpala August 4, 2019

This girl carry oo

Zomsbs Ma4rk August 4, 2019

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God bless…

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