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Here is one other hilarious comedy skit by Broda Shaggi

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Na my Jeje i dey oooo wey Pastor Pharao come a honoured me make i pray as a result of he know say God don dey use me🙈🙈🙈🙈 however no wahala i’m going pray my finest and go away a relaxation

Pastor: @amadi_man
Mummy G.O : @thetableshakeress
Members: @AuntyShaggi @snazzy_102
Visuals by @thetableshaker

#Brodashaggi #oyinbosay #30bg #tainkyou #shaggination #oyahitme

Laugh out loud with Broda Shaggi comedy skits.

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Rough and Rugged August 4, 2019

mummy G.O talk naa.

Boiko Yosifov August 4, 2019

Thank you Lord

Justine James August 4, 2019

Adultery rate climb up

Solomon IGBINOBA August 4, 2019

Brother shaggi not always serious. Hahahahahahaaa

oyemakinde akintomide August 4, 2019

broda shagi plz make u kw pray again

Nk pretty August 4, 2019

Sister shaggi your own wahala worse


This video will wait for you in heaven

Akoko's TV August 4, 2019

This is awesome

FRANCISCA USHIE August 4, 2019

let us connect to collect

Anthony Obioma August 4, 2019

How would you drive a bike instead of riding a bicycle, and you call yourself a graduate.No sentiment
i like this video and i think we have come too far from making unnecessary mistakes especially the directors.This English language shouldn't be always compulsory, speak pidgin English if you no fit speak good English e go even make sense pass .

Babatunde Shote August 4, 2019

God God bless you

Blessed Bee August 4, 2019

Crazy testimony

Adenike Alao August 4, 2019

I no fit attend that church lailai ,me and broda shaggy go dey kwaya together. Kojo

Bj Bjn August 4, 2019

Brodda said Salam alekum…lol

rhymescode August 4, 2019

God God bless u

rhymescode August 4, 2019

so many a tragedy happen

ohhtee23 August 4, 2019

Hahaha. I love when he says, "O Yea".

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