20 thoughts on “COMEDY SKIT: Broda Shaggi slaps organic Mum

  1. God has made a great offer to mankind: His whole being and all that He is … Beyond creator/creation relationship is this offer of "Sonship" – To inherit God!
    Man had this privilege at creation; but lost it through Adam at Eden. But the last Adam, the LORD Jesus has paid the full price for our adoption.
    God is calling whosoever will to conform the image of His Son Christ Jesus the Lord….
    Jesus is knocking at your door today Revelations 3 vs 20. Open the door of your heart to Him. He will accept you and you will be become the son of God. John 1 vs 12. God bless you

  2. According to Lizzyjay (Omoibadan) she said "Eyin loye kanfi se Emoji were" I think she's on the track. You deserves some accolades anyways. Kudos to you.

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