Download Mr Macaroni Comedy Video: DIANE MY PADI


Here is another funny comedy skit by Mr Macaroni

Download Mr Macaroni short comedy video: DIANE MY PADI. Watch and Download this very interesting and educative comedy video by Mr Macaroni DIANE MY PADI .

Laugh out loud with this latest Mr Macaroni Comedy skit. .



Creator: Mr Macaroni

Genre: Comedy Skit

Duration: 00:02:56

Rating: 4.96 / 5.0

Likes: 3161

17 thoughts on “Download Mr Macaroni Comedy Video: DIANE MY PADI

  1. Skin to skin is very good it makes you feel a man I need a woman looking for condo when you know that you want to play I will match you ought to make everything right all these men cheating on wife nemesea with cash or you

  2. Let me find out Mami wa is the one discreetly owning the Padi app!
    I mean how she fit no that Macaroni dey for that place?

    And Bae U sef, anytime you see him, just know that there is going to be some "fugg shid"

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