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Cougar facts and information

Cougar - Cougar is a Native American, notably South America and western North America, and is usually recognized by different names reminiscent of mountain lions, pumas and panthers.

Cougars might be discovered primarily within the mountainous areas of Canada and Mexico, however because the identify cougar is usually used to describe an un-spotted leopards, cougars are additionally present in Asia and Africa.

The cougar is the fourth largest cat on the planet behind the lion, tiger and jaguar, cougar cat made the second largest within the United States. The cougar has a size again of the entrance legs and lengthy physique weight.

Cougars prey on massive mammals reminiscent of deer, elk, wolves and stray and can usually go for lengthy durations with out food. Cougars are additionally recognized for his or her wonderful potential to soar to 30ft.

Cougars have a tendency to have between 1 and four kids, normally through the spring and summer time when grownup cougars hunt higher after a harsh winter. A cougar normally stay to about 20 years.

Due to big selection of cougars, cougar recognized somewhere else by completely different names. Until the late 1990s there have been thought of 32 completely different species of cougar inhabiting North and South America.

Recent research nonetheless, have proven that the DNA of 32 species the vast majority of cougar too comparable. There is due to this fact solely 5 completely different species of cougar discovered within the Americas.

Today the cougar is discovered solely in some components of Florida within the U.S. Northeast and the vary of cougars on the west coast have been dramatically diminished by human intervention. Cougar is mostly discovered within the Canadian Rockies and the extra mountainous areas of southern Mexico.