Download Alaafin Oronpoto 2 Yoruba Movie.

Alaafin Oronpoto tells the story of a powerful lady and a successor to the throne after her father. A stranger's visit to the village challenges her command and powers. Find out more!


  1. 333AncientGates

    (Score: Excellent - 90%)

    The storyline is still consistent, interesting and captivating even though I believe it lost a little bit of momentum - overall very good. I love the educational part that teaches (Don't trust anyone). Kudos to all the cast especially Ibrahim Chatta, and Tobiloba Ojediran.

  2. adeola a

    Lovely movie. Well doneTopifyNG.
    Just a quick question, is there a part 3 after this and also the ending is very confusing in regards to the girl. Those she gets her full power back or not?