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To what extent would an untold history between two families affect and hinder the love of their children. Find out more.

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EUGENIA Ukaoma April 27, 2019

Akanbi was not supposed to die but for his being furious and bitter cos of his friends betrayal even when he ended up marrying a good wife, he should have still been grateful.

Pete WorldBest April 27, 2019

Finally this epic thriller came to conclusion

Adeyemi Innocent April 27, 2019

But why we Yoruba people like betrayed our self we don't love our self right from time tee now

Zainab Isiaka April 27, 2019

The end is not nice, gunjobi betray his friend Akanbiekun never trust anybody in this life, nice story

Oyindamola love April 27, 2019

Guess this is d end part oooo

Ayuba Haruna April 27, 2019

kudos well done to all people that they parcipate on this movies may God bless them

olawal kehinde April 27, 2019

Wow just love my traditional movie great job,,but that balogun ogunjobi not deserve being a life , anyway only god can judge

Adewole Odunayo April 27, 2019

Gud epic film,but when are u giving us the concluding part of Sunday igbooho

Tunde Blessing April 27, 2019

This movie is very interesting and advice able too watching ,but Akanbi Ekun is not deserve to died in this movie because he help is friend and friend betray him.When trust nobody including urself

Adeleye David April 27, 2019

Correct movie thanks to apata tv

Oladele Oyinloye April 27, 2019

A big appreciation to all performers of this movie. Thanks so much for this great performance and promoting Yoruba traditions and culture. May God replenish the pockets of all sponsors of this movie. I really enjoyed and learned greatly from it.

gennyice oyekanmi April 27, 2019

Nice movie.. only still don’t feel like it’s about ile oluji … not even little dialect Bren spoken … at least the ile oluji actors and actress shudder av participated too

Abiola Odejayi April 27, 2019

This film don turn Seasonal film ooooo

Adeleke Bukola April 27, 2019

But akanbi ekun friend dat betray him first bef d fight started ……he doesn't deserve death. Egunjobi surppose to die as well. Interesting big Thanks to Apata

Be Proud of your own April 27, 2019

Wow that dance at the end of the wedding loved it! Wonderful movie. Well, ain't it true that life is not fair sometimes, bloody Balogun Ogunjobi getting away with shit snatching other man's wife and ended marrying her, poor Akanbi Ekun, what a shame, I really am not happy he died in the end, then I guess life's just not fair on some of us sometimes right, bless. Thank you, enjoyed it all through.

Alabi S. Adekunle April 27, 2019

Lol.really? Well tank God it yaf finished

Shanda Maya April 27, 2019

Best movie ever

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