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The hope and expectations of a young man dashes into thin air when he looses his fiances days before their wedding. Who and what is behind his plight. Find out.

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MR BASH April 28, 2019

lesson : don't pay evil with evil
lesson 2: don't look down on people
lesson 3: don't talk when you're angry

Abby Show April 28, 2019

Thanks Apata tv for the upload. The film is just waste of time.

deenah deenah April 28, 2019

Uhmmmm thanks Apata

Debbie Balogun April 28, 2019

The actresses' wigs na elele, the actors' facial hair na etike, the subtitle na waya. Issorait

Bolagy Roseline April 28, 2019

Watching now thsnks for upload cant wait to see mummy Jaye in action

Olusoga Hannah April 28, 2019

Happy weekend frnds

Unique bae April 28, 2019

Here watching where are you my darling partners happy weekend to you all

Abayomi Omolade April 28, 2019

First to gboriwole

Abayomi Omolade April 28, 2019

Apatatv thanks for uploading

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