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Awele, a rich and highly influential woman has endured pain and still birth for a couple of years and would do anything to retrace the cracks eating deep in her heart, however a dilemma present itself shortly after her joy was filled. Find out more.

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Michel Hassan April 27, 2019

About to watch,,,Niwonloremoo

Adisa Olatilewa April 27, 2019

Toto fin….aye akamora.

Josephine Fidelis April 27, 2019

OMG! OMG! OMG! God help us 0hhhhhhh!what a wicked world oohhh!

Aram Stee April 27, 2019

Nice movie, thanks

Nikky Gold April 27, 2019

hmmmm ore niwan olorun majeka sore se so lovely movie's

Olonade funke April 27, 2019

Hahaha,Mrs Awele you are too wicked and act less, a friend like a mother that stay with you in your sorrow and when you don't have a child…… is that the next thing for you to repair her back, hmmmm aye toto akamara ….thanks to Apata TV for uploading this.

babalola racheal ronke April 27, 2019

What a great lesson I learn a lot ..b4 we do good to other we should think very well…olohun maje kin sori olori ki awodi gbe temi lo olohun oba

Islam Omol April 27, 2019

Ore ni little little to do for people

Islam Omol April 27, 2019

Ore ni little little to do for people

Merfat Abiola April 27, 2019

Hmmm ile ayeeee

Waliou Adjani April 27, 2019

ore soro se ooo!!! good movie

Olamy Alade April 27, 2019

99.9%good..very nice film

Bashat Success April 27, 2019

Very touching story what a wicked friend and learn a lot of lessons not all friends are good kudos to cast and crew thanks for upload this fantastic movie Apata tv

kemmy Sola Basmart Ayo ola April 27, 2019

olorun oba gba wa lowo ota bi ore

Afolabi Omolola April 27, 2019

Ore ni won….Inu jin

Comfort Omole April 27, 2019

Koloun maa so wa lowo awon ore bi ota,iru won po lode,i have one friend like this upon all my good deed to her,she want to have my husband like i don't care,won o ko kosan doru,won a ni taa ba dorun aa ma rojo,may God save us from evil friends

Omowunmi Oye April 27, 2019

Nice movies


Eniola Martins TV April 27, 2019

What a world we live in, no one knows the heart of their close friend, we learned from other peoples mistake if we are lucky.
We learn from our own first mistake if we are quick to learn.
We are lost in life if keep doing things carelessly
life is for the living.

Olawumi Monsurat April 27, 2019

Imu nika ko je ka gborun asebi… Nice movie though,kudos to u madam saje

Temitayo Kusimo April 27, 2019

This will be a lesson to those that believe too much in friendship that friends can kill if care is not taken.

Taiwo Ademola April 27, 2019

I love dis movie God bless the writer trust no one.

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