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Bewaji and Tolaore are best of friends. When they both started having misunderstandings and hot arguments, no one knew they are both Ogbanjes fighting for the second in command position in their spiritual realm. They are both birthday mates and the first to die gets the position. Elere Omo.

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Eyekolerorov Moyinoluwa April 27, 2019

Infact I like this movie it teaches a lot of lessons kudos to u all

Eyekolerorov Moyinoluwa April 27, 2019

Still watching….. I love dis movie like…. Na fine fine gels dey use…. Make I reserve my comment till I watch finish

Badmus Rofiyat April 27, 2019

Too say the fact I really give kudos to all the crew and also thanks for uploading this lovely movie…

Ola Mide April 27, 2019

Nice movie I really enjoy it welldone to u guys

Goodnews Ebere April 27, 2019

The pastors won't kill me with laughter

Kamaldeen Pherdylert April 27, 2019

Interesting thanks for uploading

Emmanuel Falusi April 27, 2019

Very boring film

Temi Racheal April 27, 2019

Nice movie, so interesting

Abdul Ganiu Mariam April 27, 2019

wow but what's is d reason why tolaore she is leasbin and bewaji she is mixing cream

Gloria April 27, 2019

I look forward to the day the Yoruba movie makers and actors will actually feature real born again christians, Bible beliving true worshippers . Because the Jesus they called in this movie is not the same Jesus who died on the cross. It is the duplicated jesus in hell to deceive people. Yashau has paid all debts , made all sacrifices for those who believe and given the power to be children of God indeed.

Omolara Marvelbabe April 27, 2019

Hardly will you see a nollywood actress without having cream or cosmetics products for sale that can change skin. Good job

Balikis Omotunmise April 27, 2019

Very interesting movie


Kudos to you guys well done, so interesting thanks for understanding…..

Bolaji Eniola Rashidat April 27, 2019

Kudos to TopifyNG for uploading dis movie,Awon omo Elere tii won je odaju to dere parents. Ki olorun maa fii won tawa lore. Nice movie

Holar Temmy April 27, 2019

Hnmmmm ki amaru erueleru faa tiwa lowo…….interesting God bless you all

Adedayo Esther April 27, 2019

Bro Kunle I love ur movie

Ife Oluwa April 27, 2019

Motilola, you will step on toes with this your war against bleaching o, me I no dey o..

Khadijat Dija April 27, 2019

nice one Kudos to motilola adekunle and Doris

Annie God April 27, 2019

Interesting movie thanks for uploading.

Kuye Aminat April 27, 2019

hmmn very inspiring… painful for Iya tunmise,,she quenched d light of anoda home…not knowing hers z already consumed by d light.. for d people saying dey r saying English… itz normal,dey r from wealthy home and dey r learned and educated..and plz its not easy..acting in general or any entertaining stuff..we all watch it in an hour plus.. but it took dem dayz to finish up..let's just encourage dem and stop looking for faults…

Akinsola Aderinsola irene April 27, 2019

Tummise is a heartless child

Isaac Ayo April 27, 2019

Interesting movie……Kunle Afod. You got this for real and 5-star ratings for your excellent​ job. God bless you.

ExploitStudios April 27, 2019

Very interesting movie

Zainab Yusuf April 27, 2019

Interesting job

Afonja Oluwasheyimi April 27, 2019

Interesting movie Oluwa ma nje si ore se laye mio. .thanks for uploading kudos

Ronke Adebayo April 27, 2019

Intresting movie

Esther sliver April 27, 2019

Very interesting

Sandra Nwani April 27, 2019

What is it with Motilola's English now?

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