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A dangerous and complicated prank is being played between a few corp members right after their exit from camp which puts everybody on their toes for the sudden change that occurs. Find out more.

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jacklyn15 April 27, 2019

Kunle Afod Is Too Much…He Is The STAR** Of This Movie…He Made Me Laugh So Much…

Olasilemi Adunnimi April 27, 2019

Kunle afod don't kill me lol so funny

Sodiq Akanni April 27, 2019

Very nice interesting movie
Thanks for upload..

Yolha FKJ April 27, 2019

Wow this one nah original erekere……laugh won kill me ooooo Mr kunle

Ahmed Abri April 27, 2019

Watching from Oman

Queen lizy April 27, 2019

Real erekere hum, nice movie thanks for uploading

Hadassah Ola April 27, 2019

Very interesting and funny. Kunle Afod is taking over… Which kind of rough play is this? That's how a friend almost drowned me all in the name of play

jumoke onah April 27, 2019

Anyone with his right senses will not play this kind of play.despite the fact dat they went to school,dey acted stupid all in d name of a game.

MOZ ZIN April 27, 2019

afod don rope them all

Ajanaku Oluwafunmilayo April 27, 2019

Kunle aford won't kill me with laff

Ahmed Ramat April 27, 2019

LMAO Mr kunle Afod can lie o.. how can you lock sum1 that's drunk indoor no A/C or fan that's too bad. I bliv they learnt dia lesson

Rebecca Oluwaseun April 27, 2019

start watching….

Queeneth kayfrosh April 27, 2019

Interesting and captivating… Kudos

Sekinat Bukola April 27, 2019

Interesting movie

Shekinat Bukola April 27, 2019

Not too late to gboriwole ..Interesting movie, thanks for uploading…

damilola dammytoposh April 27, 2019

Interesting and funny movie

Mayowa Adeola April 27, 2019

Interesting story… Erekere indeed…. Wicked friends , stupid girlfriend why would u allow ur friends to lock ur boyfriend up in store room without Ac or Fan just because he is drunk… there is so many ways u guys can get him to know his reaction before and after drunk not locking him up… Thank God tola did not end his life up in the store……….. Great lesson to be learnt …. Job well-done to all crew..
Thanks for uploading

Badmus Olawande April 27, 2019

Smiles kunle afod father mr ajimajasan

Adesina Damilola April 27, 2019

I really enjoyed dis movie…..kunle Afod can lie for Africa

Busayomi Crystal April 27, 2019

Not late to gboriwole……

ola Alao April 27, 2019

Not to late to gboriwole too,thnkxTopifyNG for d upload..

elijah semako April 27, 2019

Anyway nt too late sha

Amira Ruqoya April 27, 2019

Me too Don gboriwole one tym

Abisoye tolani April 27, 2019

Oya we are here

doro dara April 27, 2019

Thanks for upload

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