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Ewa naturally hates men. Not that she has experienced an heart break before but her anger for men is caused by her own mother.

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  1. Rafy E

    This is not right. We as Africans continue to turn a blind eyes to serious mental and psychological issues in our household. It is clear that most women or men who go through such traumatic experience are not in any fit state to embark on a healthy and meaningful relationship without undergoing proper counselling from qualified professionals.. The deeply seated anger that an individual will go through during such experience is so destructive its creates behaviours that are symptomatic of most unstable household in our society today. All because people refuse to acknowledge their poor mental and psychological state of mind and seek appropriate help.. Such people who's anger progress to physically harming someone are not in the state of mind to be embarking on a relationship without proper counselling..

  2. anthony matthew

    chai dis lady dat acted ewa can act for africa kilode dis movie got me teary …haa wat awicked mother ..dis will b my first time of seeing goodness usman acting i had to check for her real name incase u see dis .my love u did a great jod more strength i pray for bigger u maam

  3. Falade Abimbola

    (heavy sighs after watching)
    The movie is very nice but Ewa's mother is so terrible….in all,I think it teaches many lessons among which we have the most important,that we should learn to forgive no matter how hard it may be.