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Download Godogodo [PART 2] Yoruba Movie.

Godogodo is an action movie about a notorious kingpin and his journey to love, revenge, law and karma.

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Blessing Folusho April 27, 2019

Murphy n Ibrahim are d best jooo.interesting movie

Ade Tobi April 27, 2019

interesting movie but I pity desire life

Pete WorldBest April 27, 2019

i like it. like the way the part 1 started that caught my attention. Also i love that song Godogodo lol

Bola Tosin April 27, 2019

prisoners with jerry curls…A MOVIE FULL OF SHIT

HAJMAJA April 27, 2019

What a stupid script and settings. I give the movie 25%.

James John April 27, 2019

is totally nonsense.. y policemen can't arrest Mr honourable. re them above the law

HAJMAJA April 27, 2019

The police woman should stop speaking English. "One hour to this time" for future reference.

Aram Stee April 27, 2019

Nice movie, thanks

Themithorpe Stephen April 27, 2019

Ibrahim Chatta gave this movie the professionalism needed…#thumbs up

Tobi Olabanji April 27, 2019

Waste of time..the guy dey prison still same hair style same beards..

Toluwalase Ademola April 27, 2019

Brilliant movie , infact the lesson is well illustrated but there are still areas for improvement. Such as the scene where godogodo was rescued from the prison officers , desire sister that's in aboard didn't take for once to call her through out the movie and finally godogodo was shot on his leg but no blood stain / he wasn't limping.

olayiwola kazeem April 27, 2019

repentant from your sin

Naso Dj April 27, 2019

nice one thanks TopifyNG

wale wale April 27, 2019

i thought he was shot in the leg, but he seemed to be walking normal at the end of the movie. And i don't understand why the guy that gave the information to the police didn't have a bullet proof vest on…..

lanry joy April 27, 2019

very intresting movies & i pity desire life.what stupid life she life with godogodo,@TopifyNG thks for ur uploading.


so lovely movie, tnx for uploading.

Titi Layo April 27, 2019

What a waste of time

Adamolekun Aderonke April 27, 2019

wow,interesting movie,thanks for uploading, God bless you more

Benn April 27, 2019

This kind movie wey dey dull brain lol

Bunmi Olayinka April 27, 2019

kudos to Apata TV you never disappointe me

ola kazy April 27, 2019

interesting movie, did u gain anything thats question to u all

Hammed Soffly April 27, 2019

interesting movie

Olatunde Olayemi April 27, 2019

TopifyNG you are the best

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