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Ini, a dashing beautiful lady accidentally meets Akin a bossy and temperamental businessman. Their love was put to test when faced with an adversity. Will it survive the test of time? Find out!

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Ogunfuye Glory April 27, 2019

My bby is here
So am here also

Okanmiyo Omoboyejo April 27, 2019

I so much enjoy lateef adedimeji acting

Akeem Kefayat kejimi April 27, 2019

Sum gboriwole sum gbese wole …….wetting I gbe wole beyi

Biliaminu Kehinde Oyinkansola April 27, 2019

i love dis movie but the way dat lady dress is bad and she see her mother-in-law she don't even respect dat woman is bad

Aminat Oluwatoyin April 27, 2019

fantastic a very good sound applause to the boss but take a very good care of your nose

Henry Benson April 27, 2019

lateef Adedimeji is a role model

AJ Okies April 27, 2019

Why given a bad impression on christian names 'HANNAH and ELIZABETH' You can as well use a name that it's not related to christianity.Please let's watch what our roles in movies depict.Nice movie though

Oladayo sakirat April 27, 2019

@Anjola Olayemi hbd llnp

rAVYrach April 27, 2019

What is with the nose touching every second and the hand rubbing from Mr Lateef.

Bola Ola April 27, 2019

Dressing speaks a lot about personality

jacklyn15 April 27, 2019

First impression; last longer. I will do the same to the lady, as the Man's Mother did. But FRIENDS shaa!!

math yinka April 27, 2019

hahaha hanna…funny film nice looking dop gar

Leo Lioness April 27, 2019


Olatunde Omowunmi April 27, 2019

nice movie ,gud job

Olabinjo Imoleoluwa April 27, 2019

Huumm so interesting

Jesutetede Ruth April 27, 2019

@olayemi happy Birthday to u long life and prosperity

Jesutetede Ruth April 27, 2019

very intresting film, thanks for upload

Ayo mi April 27, 2019

naija people get problem ooo….imagine if you want to watch strictly Yoruba film go for ibile Yoruba film it will satisfy u…..Abg allow Yoruba film to progress oo

taiwo oluwatoba April 27, 2019

Really enjoyed the movie Inioluwa. The selling point is character and culture. I like Dara. I like her simplicity. Connect us, Pls.

Hafsat Otun April 27, 2019

LWKM Abdul lateef has choco ooo. So funny lol

Damola omo Goriola April 27, 2019

The ending this film is not real jare how can she behave like that to her mother inlaw rubbish

Tomilola Olatunji April 27, 2019

What happen to lateef, he dey touch nose like he catch noseritis

Rebecca Oluwaseun April 27, 2019

nice movie very interesting thanksTopifyNG…….

Dunni Oni April 27, 2019

All over the place storyline. Started with one thing and went somewhere else. Muddled up theology as well. Could have been better.

Solomon Ekwukoma April 27, 2019

Hello can you guys just speak straight up YORUBA dialect ?? if I wanna watch English film I know where to go.. I get it that you can throw in one or two English words but in this movie the English Language is just too much! pls save our culture and Dialect ..i`m not Yoruba but i`m just saying.

olagunju Olaitan55 April 27, 2019

Happy birthday to you llnp

Dami Ay April 27, 2019

Wow.. Interesting

Dami Ay April 27, 2019

Still watching..

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