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Bolaji gets a call from the Police to come identify an accident victim whose last call has Bolaji’s contact number. On getting there, Bolaji finds the corpse to be his wife whom he left at home. He gets home to find his wife again but Bolaji never remained the same.

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Rebecca Ogodo April 27, 2019

Interesting movie thanks

OMOWUNMI GANIYU April 27, 2019

And to dose pple who already av headache about pple posting dere location,mind ur business. Dnt Jez watch jenifa's diary 4fun,learn 4rm it. U dint come to uTube to watch movie bcos of dem, watch it movie den ignore comment about location.pick d comment dats useful 4u nd chill out. Lobatan

Silverdera Haryanfe April 27, 2019

God is great…my Darling Okele Weldon dear..d funny part is where he saved his boss number to useless man

Shadiat Shadiat April 27, 2019

Okele u just dey crazy everyday

mary leed April 27, 2019

This movie has no storyline at all . Chai

Bukola ADEBIYI April 27, 2019

Gud lessons to learn

Wasiu Ewejo April 27, 2019

Walahi Okele ti n siere by saying he will give mama blow. mr may weather funny you okele

Balogun Olutola April 27, 2019

This movie would have been a 5 star if not for the ending. The ending of a movie most times passes the message of the movie. Fine she joined the cult to save her children…and her son was did that relate to kitan…how is kitan a dead person still touching people and is been touched….how come the prophets couldn’t chase her away….how was she killed in place of her husband…..what is the correlation between the type 1 incarnate the Alfa explained and kitan? A lot of questions that were left unanswered…..guess the movie has a concluding part cos the ending is zero..but a bad ending to a very good storyline….

Fatimoh Omowunmi April 27, 2019

Very lovely movie

Zainab Badmus April 27, 2019

Interesting movie

Meroyi juwon April 27, 2019

When did witches start listening to songs..I can hear Ji Masun from the witches

Abayomi Shukra April 27, 2019

i wonder if Bolaji's mum would've behaved like this i Kiitan were her daughter!. so lacking in empathy and common sense!

Rotimi Remi April 27, 2019

Very interesting movie, this Kitan of a Lady, Natural Beauty with a Golden Voice. From which Planet are you from, please?????

Tunrayo Ayoola April 27, 2019

This okele will not kill some body

Princess Afonja April 27, 2019

Interesting and lesson learn to all parents

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