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Dayo has been wanting to date Arinola ever since their University days but she already finds love in Femi. Dayo accidentally kills Femi and Arinola goes into amnesia. Dayo has to right his wrongs before Arinola recovers. He’s ready to take full responsibility of everything.

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Akeem Kabirat April 27, 2019

Very nice movie

Blessing Awelewa April 27, 2019

Well she don't have a choice atipe bobo dayo new face sa

Goodness George April 27, 2019

So are they trying to tellus that the guy killed her husband and still went free? .. Number one offense driving while been drunk.. And then u murdered someone with your car ..besides how and where did dayo meet Femi befr hitting and killing him .. olorun ma saanu wa doesn't make any sense.. Sorry to say… The story line is not well constructed.. He got drunk just got angry from the bar and decided to go and kill if femi was waiting to be killed somewhere.. Lol. Pathetic

Yusuf Alabi April 27, 2019

Don't be a certification of what does not belong to you, it might lead to destructions of so many things. And women's and men should not be the trickers of magic love. Let all your ways be honest, faithful and submitted heartedly to be a good Gardner's.

adebisi o balogun April 27, 2019

dis is a nice movie

Monsurat Olajumoke April 27, 2019

Plss u people commenting dis job Is nt easy u keep talking rubbish

wread12 April 27, 2019

Seriously!!! How did this get produced for public watching?

obayemi olawale April 27, 2019

I don't know why Nigeria nollywood like showing unrealistic movies.

adeniyi ileriayo April 27, 2019

Good job, new faces though

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