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Download Monisola Latest Romantic Yoruba.

Monisola is the right picker for the biggest internet fraudster in town. Leke the rookie wants her as his picker too so he plans his scheme.

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oluwakemi daramola April 27, 2019

I used my nap time for this rubbish movie now am regretting::::::

Oyin Queen April 27, 2019

I just wasted almost 2hrs if my precious time,CRAP !!!

Abigael Folorunsho April 27, 2019

This movie is total trash, waste of time and data.

Payne Oluremi Olalekan April 27, 2019

this movie is total useless

Mercy Ogbenna April 27, 2019

Raise your hand ✋ if you are here to read comments before watching,,,,,,,, Woww,, no need to watch the comments has explained it all

Moji Oguntosin April 27, 2019

Useless movie sorry to say.

Oniye April 27, 2019

And what's this obvious advert about Dosman's property and the so called Cidiq's songs….i dnt give a f*** if they are the producers of this movie, it's totally uncalled for.

Remy Saint April 27, 2019

Rubbish waste of time and data

Ajibola Yusuf April 27, 2019

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Bukola Ajulo April 27, 2019

and am really regretting I waisted 8min of my life watching this rubbish the girl making the call did a rubbish job

babalola racheal ronke April 27, 2019

Waisting of time ,yahoo level

feisty April 27, 2019

Good crew. Message is loud and clear.

Taiwo Ademola April 27, 2019

Nice one. Leke job well done.


very yèyé film….mnchewwwwww

Taye Olatokunboh April 27, 2019

Ibrahim chatta and Omobanke got a little personal with each other in 1:46:36.

Emmanuel Taiwo April 27, 2019

I can't laugh wit dis funny attitude of kamilu

Timothy Deborah April 27, 2019

Dheyme ..Why would you say it a trash they were arrested for it now

Anita Olivia April 27, 2019

Hahahahahaha. No need to waste my time

danie danie April 27, 2019

very very stupid and i am highly disappointed in the cast and the story…..Trash in the bin…i really dont need to watch cos just 5mins i got so pissed

Valley Courage April 27, 2019

omo very funny movie lol nice comedy

Mimar April 27, 2019

8mins in and I am really disgusted! Very stupid movie

Ultimate Blends April 27, 2019

Omg this movie makes no sense whatsoever!!!

Olawumi Monsurat April 27, 2019

I don't need to watch, I've known from d people's comments that watching it is a wasting of time

Oluwakemi Sola April 27, 2019

Nothing like sense in this movie…full of trash hisses!! Wasting of time.

bjoe dedonnish April 27, 2019

Watching ..comment later …..

KT NATION April 27, 2019

Bullshit frm start to end ,you guys can do berra

333AncientGates April 27, 2019

(Score: Averagely Average – 50%)

Despite the fact that there were some talented actors such as Ibrahim Chatta, Bisola Badmus, Soji Taiwo and Toyosi Adesanya – It was laborious, boring and burdensome watching this movie as I try to wrap my mind around the concept of the movie, which eventually became clearer at the end of the movie.

Abi Dheyme April 27, 2019

This movie is just trash, really, they should have kuku tell us they were promoting yahoo boys association, really , Someone produced this , na real wah!!!!

Unique bae April 27, 2019

Here watching…..i no kuku watch am cos I don't wants to waste my precious time. Ishh

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