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The heart of man is desperately wicked. Bayioku’s anxiousness to get wealth by all means leads him to a land of no return.

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Ayo moore April 27, 2019

Movies should be screen before putting them out in Nigeria..

Olanrewaju Shittu April 27, 2019

I have not even started watching the movie, but the soundtrack is dope

cherish Gold April 27, 2019

Interesting movie… Patiently waiting for d concluding pt

olanrewaju olamide April 27, 2019

is it just me??, i don't seem to understand this movie, lol

iyiola damilola April 27, 2019

Watching here tnx for uploading

inara dede April 27, 2019

Interesting….part 2pls

Bashera olayemi April 27, 2019

Great job next part

Akinode Adeola April 27, 2019

Waiting for d concluding part

333AncientGates April 27, 2019

(Score: Good – 84% (C)) Produced By: Segun Adediran Alawaye; Directed: By Segun Atewor.

The movie is interesting forumites would enjoy it. Kudos to all the cast
especially Funke Etti and Joke Muyiwa.

Barloh Yeancus April 27, 2019

I reserve my comment for now. Pls let f concluding pt come on time oooo

Faithia Tomilola April 27, 2019

Patiently waiting for the next part
Thanks for uploading

Oluwajomiloju Thomas April 27, 2019

Hi how you my mom like your video

Hakeem Ade April 27, 2019

wow so amazing movies

Oluwatoyin lilian Ogunware April 27, 2019

Part two please, very interesting movie

seun kola April 27, 2019

Ijesha ni ore wa

WarriorQueenOshun OSORONGA April 27, 2019

This movie was all over the place and made absolutely no sense

House of fashion And beauty April 27, 2019

Thank for uploading part 2 please

Olutoye Akeem April 27, 2019

Thanks for uploading…. Waiting for the concluding part want to what happen to Akanji,Feyikemi pregnancy, Nene and Bayioku

Mayowa Adeola April 27, 2019

Patiently waiting for the next part..
Thanks for uploading….

shokran naigira April 27, 2019

At last my awaiting movie,thanks for uploading

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