Download Obiri 2 Yoruba Movie 2019

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Obiri 2 Latest Yoruba Movie 2019 Drama Starring Bimbo Oshin - Kemi Afolabi - Murphy Afolabi

Obiri 2 Latest Yoruba Movie 2019

Download Obiri 2 Yoruba Movie. Obiri 2 Yoruba Movie Starring Bimbo Oshin – Kemi Afolabi – Murphy Afolabi

Everyone deserves a great love story but for two love birds, it’s more complicated when the sacrifices they made for each other is being used as a leverage when an opportunity reveals itself.
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Bashera Nigeria May 2, 2019

Wow nice movie

Adedunsi Omobolanle May 2, 2019

Hmmm,okunrin pelu ainitelorun ati ojukokoro won
femi is such an ingrate for paying omolola back with such a act that leads her to untimely death
and the lady that he married secretly would have defraud him if not for the fact that remilekun caught her in her promiscuous act and she inform femi about it
though femi didn't know that remilekun is his daughter he doesn't know that his baby survived he thought omolola died with the pregnancy

Bosco Akins May 2, 2019

I wish juliet and the guy left with everything he had so femi can learn his lesson… 3 people died because of him and he go scot free… Hummmmmmnnn it is well… Some men are wicked though, nice movie afterall….

samson olufowobi May 2, 2019

interesting moving

Cassma May 2, 2019

Why is it that when men come out off proverty,and become very rich they automatically forget the women that stood by them during the hard times…..?It serves Femi right, the dubious woman juliet, he jilted omotola for, deceived him with her lover Tade and almost succeded in taking over all his properties, if not for the little girl's intervention – Remilekun….! Very interesting film thanks for the upload

adeyimika adeleru May 2, 2019

wow what a great movie

Prince John May 2, 2019

Nice movie…. kudos Ibukun

cherish Gold May 2, 2019

Uhmm… Such is life… The rejected stone now become d chief corner stone… Truly this world isn't really at a pace

Balogun Olutola May 2, 2019

So what’s the moral of the movie, that men can treat women anyhow and get away with. Nice part one but senseless and non educating part 2. We shouldn’t encourage bad acts with our movies cos actors are suppose to teach people the right thing in the right way. The mother of femi suddenly turn her back to Omolola cos of money….inconsistent, the doctor knew omolola’s mother fainted cos she thought she lost both mother and child so why will the doctor not inform her that her grandchild is still alive but in a critical condition. I’m not an advocate of unforgiveness nor you must marry a lady because she helped you or is pregnant and vice Versa but I really don’t like what this movie portrayed in this movie. Omolola did nothing to deserve all that. Anyways that’s life and it’s a lesson for us that most times we don’t get want we deserve and the evil perpetrators get away with their acts, Humorous God.
My humble submission.

Olanrewaju AKINDURO May 2, 2019

Job well done interesting

Olanrewaju Shittu May 2, 2019

Good movie. Excellent message. The movie would have be outstanding if the hospital scenes were well acted. Thumbs up to all the team

Ukachi Kukoyi May 2, 2019

Overall Rating…50%
JUST PATHETIC…This wicked, greedy, ungrateful, inconsiderate and extremely callous man is allowed to get away scot-free. Despite all he did…he never got 'punished'…. No regrets, reprisals or consequences whatsoever.
Even successful and has everything at the end…TOTALLY UNJUST!
Howeveras usual.. the woman who lovingly and wholeheartedly sacrificed unconditionally for him lost everything…even her life.
Why do most storylines in Yoruba movies continuously'run women' down ?
Useless mother… Supported her son in his evil ways…
I appreciate this is what goes on out there but let us discourage it by highlighting repercussions and consequences at endings of movies.

Adejokemi Adekoya May 2, 2019

Femi need to be suffer for all his action nd need to regret for the rest of his life for what he did to omolola. D pregnant he reject now save him

Muri Otun May 2, 2019

If I don't write comment on this film, I am an I grate. To all the production crew, God bless you. May God continue to enrich your brain. This is the King of storyline Nollywood should be bringing. This is fantastic. So interesting, suspense and full of education. The sound track wasn't an interference to the audio. The pictures are clear. Subtitle is superb. I am so happy. I give you 100%. Just keep the bar raised. I enjoy it. I've made a publication about this film on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter. A good film will surely sell itself.


Obiri, femi is wicked. Great lessons to all men.The baby femi refuses save him.Very interesting and nice story.Thanks.

addykins100 May 2, 2019

What does obiri mean?

iyiola damilola May 2, 2019

Interesting movie like starting and ending kudos to all cast and crew tnx for uploading

Christy O May 2, 2019

The Doctor's part is just not right. He should have told Omolola's mum that her grandchild is alive, maybe she wouldn't have died..

Ibk bolla May 2, 2019

I cried so much for this lady Omolola…..☹☹☹

Optimistic Margie May 2, 2019

Femi is supposed to feel the wrath of omolola's mother and omolola,what nonsense from these calibre of males!

Below5pound May 2, 2019

This is a good movie , I really felt for omolola

estilo Esther May 2, 2019

Eh eh thank for this nice movie & 4 d next part good job

Akinyemi Dasola baliqis May 2, 2019

Wow interesting movies

333AncientGates May 2, 2019

(Score: Very Good- 87% (B)) Produced By: Ibunkun Adeleke; Directed By: Murphy Afolabi

Forumites would enjoy this movie. The storyline is consistent, straight forward, and interesting, while the concept is educative. however, there were few loopholes in the movie, for example, in Part 1 @35:0036:50 – in the company of Mr. Williams (staffs were sacked because of missing money – the movie did not address the mystery behind the missing money). Secondly, in Part 2 (I think I heard the doctor @20:00) confirming that both daughter and mother died during child delivery but @56:00 Oluwafemi's mother confirmed Remilekun as her granddaughter and the daughter of Oluwafemi – this looks inconsistent to me. impressive performance by Ibukun Adeleke, Murphy Afolabi, and Joke Muyiwa. Kudos to the rest of the cast.

Temitope Oluwa May 2, 2019

This move makes me cried,the man most pay for this,still watching

Sanni Miracle May 2, 2019

Interesting concluding part

Gideon Smart May 2, 2019

Femi supposed to pay for his choice of actions against Omolola but nevertheless, I really enjoyed this movie, it blessed my soul.
Special thanks to all the brains behind this production.

Temileye Temidayo May 2, 2019

Nice story line

Mayowa Adeola May 2, 2019

Interesting concluding part..
Job well done to all crew..
Thanks for uploading…

Timothy Victor May 2, 2019

Lemme enjoy the part

AyinkeO Uk May 2, 2019

thamesmead is essex….. :-)))

Toks Gabriel May 2, 2019


Oyindamola Gold May 2, 2019


0lalade Anike May 2, 2019

Despite the love I gat for this movie it does not end well femi suppose to regrt his action to omolola I mean he should suffer before the truth was reveal anyway nice job

Najeemdeen Sekinat Adedoyin May 2, 2019

Interesting that's what femi deserves

fary kts May 2, 2019

Happy African love legends day 🙂 (val is not african) haha let's start appreciating our history and legends

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