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A selfish young man puts his wife up for sale for the love of money not knowing he is gradually pushing her to a place of happiness.

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cherish Gold April 27, 2019

Uhmmm… May God forbid bad things in our life… This movie is full of lessons & is a must watch for every men… Some men are so wicked & heartless that wat they push women to do is wat they will still use against her… Women pls wise up, no matter d conditions…. Interesting & hilarious Thanks for d uploads

Destiny Success April 27, 2019

Very nice movie some men can be dangerous,God help us all

Bunmi Adeniji April 27, 2019

You sold yr wife to eat guguru and epa. Nobody does that and excel in life. Shame to this type of man, is better to die than live.

Abuga A April 27, 2019

Nice movie

Uncommonfavour Mercy .K April 27, 2019

How many wife can ensure

Susan Parker April 27, 2019

Watching now comments later

Barloh Yeancus April 27, 2019

Femi Adebayo was so heartless, o ga ooo sold his wife for #5M nd upon dat he set her up for arm robbers to rape her again nd after all she already av kids for him. This life sha kudos to all d cast nd crew. Aseyohun loba Alawurabi

Mathew Olorode April 27, 2019

I personally believe the chief doesn’t deserve the woman as well. You can’t sleep with her without her consent and still marry her at the end of the day. I believe if not for money, it is hard for a woman to marry someone that raped her. Anyway, thanks for uploading

Aram Stee April 27, 2019

Nice movie, thanks

Alaba Ariyike April 27, 2019

very interesting movie, man are so wicked because of money u sold ur wife and u forget ur children too too bad of u, I pray does man outside should wash this interesting movie to end and change oo by Almighty Allah

Toks Gabriel April 27, 2019

GREAT…."absolutely a great movie "…..

Segun Akindele April 27, 2019

Very funny and educative movie. .thanks for loading.

Idowu Okanlawon April 27, 2019

this waiting day happen in this world

Adekunle Adedokun April 27, 2019

love it. no one is blaming the chief

timah timahzzz April 27, 2019

Lmaooooo we need more of mama in movies Abeg. She’s soooo funny. Nice and interesting movie.

Shade Owa April 27, 2019

Very interesting tanks for uploading

Mayowa Adeola April 27, 2019

Interesting movie..
Job well done to all crew..
Thanks for uploading…

Adedunsi Omobolanle April 27, 2019

Men are full of wickedness and money is the root of all evil.
okunu and atoribewu makes me laugh in this one again
Yoruba hood thanks for the upload

Sukurat Opeyemi April 27, 2019

Unbelievable!! Okunrin lesu.upon d true d woman shows.i thank God for her life at last.

Nureni Olaide Nafeesha April 27, 2019

Nice movie and very funny,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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