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A happy family facing a life threatening situation is forced to confront their own shadow in finding a lasting solution to their plight but unfortunately something went wrong in the course of their findings.
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Funmilayo Afolabi April 27, 2019

She can't did it…

Olutoye Akeem April 27, 2019

I really enjoy all ur movie apata TV God bless you

alexis raphael April 27, 2019

This movie taught me how to mind my business
I have learnt something
Thanks for uploading the movie

justina osagie April 27, 2019

Please I couldn't fined the part one of this movie on line

Aminat Goog April 27, 2019

Nice one thanks for uploading

Aram Stee April 27, 2019

Very nice movie, thanks

Johnson Ruth April 27, 2019

nice movie✌✌✌

The Mask Lady April 27, 2019

GOD will help us all in this life,minding our business shld be prority ooooo,Ogun aiye o ni bori wa ni oruko JESU AMIN

Yussuf Olaide April 27, 2019

Hmmm Wat a world… Ore niwon ki olorun ma sanu wa oo thanks @apata tv

Alajoke Ade April 27, 2019

What a lesson ki mase aye ooo

Jejelola Remilekun April 27, 2019

who's watching with me….

Oyeneye Modupe April 27, 2019

nice movie so interesting

Boke Boke April 27, 2019

Interesting movie,A lot of lesson

Lateef Aisha April 27, 2019

Very interesting movie

Oso Clara April 27, 2019

Emmmm, life it self is a circle. This movie is Interesting and Educative with great lessons. kudos .

Princess Isabella Ijeh April 27, 2019

Powerful.. Thank God it wasnt too late … Sometimes we bring problems up on ourselves.. Thanks for uploading

Ife Ayinuola April 27, 2019

dis is a great lesson for everyone ,face it business thanks for uploading

folake adebiyi April 27, 2019

Interesting movie, a lot of lesson learnt

YouTube Firstlady April 27, 2019

Sweetable and lovely ending. Thanks for uploading

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