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Download Oko Meta (Part 2) Yoruba Movie.

The concluding part of oko Meta narrates the story of a young man with mystic powers, his encounter with a group of invaders creates a heap of fraction but how long will this lapse? Find out!
An intriguing and educative movie!

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prayer works April 27, 2019

Army Robber with leader jacket oga oo

prayer works April 27, 2019

Nigeria police nd thief's .just come try this in America u will all die in jail.

ADEBAYO SEGUN April 27, 2019

Are u watching with me let me she your hands up

Philip Oriade April 27, 2019

This film is a interesting movie

15jenifa April 27, 2019

they were quick to hand over the case to him lmao!

Funmi Kareem April 27, 2019

very interesting

Iyabadan Suliyat April 27, 2019

Nice movie ?plz we need oro abeere part 2

Hind Marwan April 27, 2019

Pls upload oro abere part 2

ifeoluwa ajibade April 27, 2019

too many ads plz

Adeleke Bukola April 27, 2019

Apata pls oro abere part2

Adeleke Bukola April 27, 2019

ise opolo nice film

Famogun Oluwabusayo April 27, 2019

I guess they ended the movie that way because they don't want to be bias with religion, because at some point they showed officer Anjola praying and later showed he's a triplet and then link it with triple sacrifice… hmmmmm nollyhood

Abigail famutinmi April 27, 2019

Obedient is better than sacrifice

Adediran Adelekan April 27, 2019

i love the comedy scene at 36:16

olawumi oladiran April 27, 2019

So sweet thanks for upload

Hidiya Hasan April 27, 2019

TopifyNG thank u for uploading

Mariam Adisa April 27, 2019

OkTopifyNG thanks I will watch it when am less busy

Mariam Adisa April 27, 2019

TopifyNG but I've not watch the party 1

Titilola Balikis April 27, 2019

Fantastic, tanks for d concluding part

Unique Gift April 27, 2019

Interesting movie

Sodiq Akanni April 27, 2019

about to watch nice movie…

Blessing Ebiye April 27, 2019

He was told not to rob with the charm so why did he join them anyways interesting movie

isaac Elizabeth April 27, 2019

Am here. Waoooo nice 1

my music Ww April 27, 2019

when you guys are really doing good work but try to improve please in some areas because here the man called the police that thieves attacked his wife and children with agbada on and also some minutes later still with the agbada hmmmm let make the film look real

omo mummy April 27, 2019

Very interesting tanx for uploading

Ameerat Sofiat April 27, 2019

It's interesting. thanks for sharing

Mariam Adisa April 27, 2019


Garette Monteclaro April 27, 2019

I'm right here with you


hahah… Its todays movie. That is good!

Omobola Temoye April 27, 2019

Thanks for the concluding part

Princess Babe April 27, 2019

ThanksTopifyNG nice movie

olanrewaju olamide April 27, 2019

Who watching with me rite now raised your hand and let us enjoyed it together

Jumoke Ayodele April 27, 2019

Who's watching with me let me see your hand up

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