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Oko Meta narrates the story of a young man with mystic powers, his encounter with a group of invaders creates a heap of fraction but how long will this lapse? Find out!
An intriguing and educative movie!

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Ogunjide yetunde April 27, 2019

Very interesting movie

Oniye April 27, 2019

@36:22 the dead guy raised his leg up himself while they were tryin to carry him…lol..reflex tinz. Not dat i enjoyed the movie much but thanks for the uploadTopifyNG.

ogundele ifeoluwa April 27, 2019

guys pls whats d name of song sang in 1:03:25

Princess Love April 27, 2019

Nice movie kudos to all fans.

Sukurah Olaide April 27, 2019

interesting movie

Ameerat Sofiat April 27, 2019

part2 ma bad gan. nice nd interesting.

Alhaja Khadeejah April 27, 2019

Can't wait to watch part two

Titilola Balikis April 27, 2019

interesting movie @TopifyNG part 2 on time pls

Christianah Alagbe April 27, 2019

Wow!!! Interesting. Waiting for apa keji. I love the music by super D

Sodiq Akanni April 27, 2019

yes, gud job
pls next part

Adeleke Abosede8 April 27, 2019

Nice movie but why part 2

Opebiyi Oyindamola April 27, 2019

Nice and interesting movie….. PT2 pls

lawal fayegbami April 27, 2019

Pls and pls Yoruba Movie i ned party two Oko Meta pls and pls

333AncientGates April 27, 2019

(Score: Good – 80%)

The movie is straightforward in terms of the storyline but the concept of the movie is unclear. However, some scenes in the movie are interesting. kudos to all the cast.

Ani Olivia April 27, 2019

Very interesting. Please next part

Ayantokun halleluyah Oluwaseun April 27, 2019

nice one interesting pls part two

Sariyat Kehinde April 27, 2019

very interesting movie, part 2please

Ahmed Abri April 27, 2019

Start watching

lawal fayegbami April 27, 2019

Nice One Yoruba Movie very good all Yoruba

Abi Dheyme April 27, 2019

He should have kuku carried the money when the thieves came first sef, better than this, waiting for part 2 sha

adeyimika adeleru April 27, 2019

very interesting movies part2 please

Thony Rule April 27, 2019

its a nah … thanks all the same

Seyichicago April 27, 2019

i site ur new hair cut style odunade

Blessing Ebiye April 27, 2019

Interesting movie but dey passed their boundaries dey shouldn't av gone into the station can't wait for part two

Happy Funmi April 27, 2019

Nice part 2 please

Owolabi Yusluv April 27, 2019

Jst hv to watch i pray its interesting

flakky omotanso April 27, 2019

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