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An aspiring young man with positive vibes is being employed as a Personal Assistant to a Business Mogul. After several weeks of no particular job description, he realizes that he’s in the wrong place but it’s too late to back out.

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oluwasayo asaniyan April 27, 2019

Scene 12:551:13, oh my!!! Ijebu dances so well, even far more than some ladies. And he's so funny too. I just kept laughing and laughing. Oga Bello, old age looks so good on you, you're looking very radiant. God bless you Oga Bello. Lateef and Ijebu, you guys won't kill me with laughter. I'll just go ahead and download this movie, I need to have it on my phone. Lolzzzz.

Afonja Oluwasheyimi April 27, 2019

Interesting and lesson learn movie vanity upon vanity kabiyesi oba ajoke aye Asake orun is the only one who can give money health and happiness without asking for anything ,kudos to the crew and cast blessed you all ..TopifyNG thanks for uploading this educative movie you are blessed

Esty Patrick April 27, 2019

My respect guy abiodun

Bukola Adebiyi April 27, 2019


sukainat akande April 27, 2019

Vanity upon vanity all is vanity. Interesting and educative movie. Thanks for uploading.

Mdjelly Bola April 27, 2019

I love this movie seriously, whaoo very educative and interesting

Michel Hassan April 27, 2019

Vanity upon vanity

Projects To Mansions April 27, 2019

Dead XD yo hit me up, we need to work low key lol

Owolabi Olugbemi David saka-rasaq April 27, 2019

good movie, but Warap is Epilepsy, not leprosy

Hafsat Amiun April 27, 2019

Educative iand interesting, I don't know why this lady with ( eyin mecca always nude her self in movies, too bad of her.

Aya Bello April 27, 2019

Warapa is not leprosy o. Haba! Isn’t it epilepsy? Vanity upon vanity… All because of money. Thanks for educating your viewers. I love the funny dialogue between Ijebu and Oga Bello. Thanks for the upload.

Alhaja Adejoke Abeni Gold April 27, 2019

Hmmmmm, What a grate lesson

Rekky Tayo April 27, 2019

Ika a pa onika; isale oro legbin

Josephine Fidelis April 27, 2019

Well done my people

Josephine Fidelis April 27, 2019

Akpalara ti ya were!chai

Josephine Fidelis April 27, 2019

Oga Bello! God help us to always wait for YOUR time oohhh!See wahala

Josephine Fidelis April 27, 2019

Ijebu! God bless you

Josephine Fidelis April 27, 2019


Josephine Fidelis April 27, 2019

Watching from London! You guys are too much

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