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An interesting, captivating and entertaining movie. Happy viewing.

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Habigael Hoyinkansor April 27, 2019

Who is here wit me oooo make raise u hand up √√√

amberhahn manny April 27, 2019

the gateman won kill me oooooooo st the end

Olutoye Akeem April 27, 2019

Hmn ave late to watch kudos to u apata tv

Afonja Oluwasheyimi April 27, 2019

Interesting and funny movie..thanks for this

Olalekan Akinnawo April 27, 2019

I have never commented on any movie here on yotube but i had to comment on this movie, quite an interesting and comical movie, nice one Biola Adekunle, gaga, Bukky Adeewo and the rest….

Sandra Ogar April 27, 2019

Interesting movie

ola Alao April 27, 2019

Watching!!!,am loving it,thnkxTopifyNG for uploading, God bless ur hand work..

Omobola Temoye April 27, 2019

Iya oko to San Lori ni lola idije walahi…lol very funny movie thanks for uploading

Mary Olayemi April 27, 2019

What an interesting movie

Yolha FKJ April 27, 2019

Interesting….. Thanks for uploading

Hafsat Otun April 27, 2019

OMG! I can't stop laughing lovely movie

Yolha FKJ April 27, 2019

Let me farabale and watch

David Raymond April 27, 2019

About watching thou hope it make sense o

bjoe dedonnish April 27, 2019

Hmmmmmm APATA TV has never disappoint me and they will never …..thanks for this movie upload … are just the best among the rest …….una dey always make my day

Sodiq Akanni April 27, 2019

About to watch
Thanks for upload….

Segun Jolayemi April 27, 2019

Nice one keep it up

Segun Jolayemi April 27, 2019

Nice one keep it up

olaniyan zeenat shalewa April 27, 2019

See comment mehhnn let me farabale watch

Hadassah Ola April 27, 2019

Hahaha, this movie is so interesting and funny! Short and straight to the point

Abdulganiiaishaty Atinuke April 27, 2019

Interesting and funny movie

Rebecca Oluwaseun April 27, 2019

lemme seat down and start watching

Sekinat Bukola April 27, 2019

Interesting movie thanks for reloading

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