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Bade is all about the money and he’s even a member of an occult group known as ‘The Billionaires Club’. But what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul?

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Sho Tai April 27, 2019

This guy needs to help himself as quickly as possible. He is not healthy at all. He struggled to sit and walk. Serious dieting will do him good and a gentle exercise to start with.

debayous April 27, 2019

Another Kolorikonidiwood films production

isaac Elizabeth April 27, 2019

U guys didn't finish it well, what happen 2 Femi adebayo. And d movie is nice, but try 2 finish ur film well

ajedeluwasa April 27, 2019

A mish mash kind of a film, incoherent in plot and characters

Joynuel Emmanuel April 27, 2019

I don't enjoy it , no meaning at all.

helen Umukoro April 27, 2019

Nice movies. But I don't know why some men think having big belle like 8months pregnancy is normal. As actor try to be fit.

Essenam Akosile April 27, 2019

As young as this guy is he looks so pregnant with that huge tummy, such a big turn off he needs to hit the gym and loose the tummy

Ismail Kamorudeen April 27, 2019

First to gboriwole and second to yeewo,I don't even know maybe they learn something from this movie.There was no one to ask questions about REMI who collected RING from BADE.

Shewa ade April 27, 2019

Guys you don't need all this first to gborowole second to yewo if you want to comment you need to tell them may be you enjoy it or not

Unique bae April 27, 2019

First to gboriwole

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