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A lady neglects her family and house chores for instagram, facebook and snapchat post just because she wants to trend on social media. She spends all her day on her iphone so as to feed her followers of her day to day activities as a Slay queen.

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Temileye Temidayo April 27, 2019

Nawaoooo olaitan jus use are slay useless to destroy her home jus bcos of fashion

Fatimah Opeyemi April 27, 2019

Slay mama indeed

Giovanni Yusuf April 27, 2019

Mercy oooo lool

Omodolapo ashiat Ashakeade April 27, 2019

Nice movie and full of lesson…. I really enjoy dis movie tanks for uploading

jumoke onah April 27, 2019

Slay mama…..very irresponsible.nice movie

Kamaldeen Pherdylert April 27, 2019

Interesting thanks for uploading

Femi Brian April 27, 2019

wow interesting flim thanks for uploading……slay mama slay leave house

smileitssuunnah O April 27, 2019

I swear this Olaitan has no brain at all… unfortunately it's the reality of the world we live in….
Men and women alike, wants to be pampered and loved (men especially).
Behind the scene of most social media celebrities are more terrible, she couldn't even afford to rent a place for herself ….

Akinola omotunde April 27, 2019

Slaying rubbish i guest. The sister waited to take her own pound of flesh, but the children will suffer at the expense of broken home.

Islam Omol April 27, 2019

I love this sound track,slay mama indeed olaitan is a gold digger she supposed to make the hay while the sun shine but is too late for her she has gave tife chance to come into there relationship,okete gbagbe ibosi owade igba alate okawo leri

Deji bolade April 27, 2019

Because she's a slay mama doesn't give you the chance to sleep around.Afterall, d wife is not sleeping around.

Aram Stee April 27, 2019

Nice movie, thanks

Maria Perez April 27, 2019

Interesting movie foolish woman ,u can continued to slay nw

damilola adebisi April 27, 2019

The sad thing is there are actually ppl like this. Yoruba movies do the most though

Ifelola Aladino April 27, 2019

I swear this woman is mad. Slay rubbish, people who are classy and sophisticated self no do rubbish all in d name of slaying. Na she use her hand destroy her self. Great lesson.

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