Download SUNDAY TO REMEMBER – Full Video (Woli Agba)

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SUNDAY TO REMEMBER - Full Video (Woli Agba)

Here is another hilarious Comedy Skit by Woli Agba and Dele Omo Wooli.

Download SUNDAY TO REMEMBER – Full Video (Woli Agba). Watch and Download SUNDAY TO REMEMBER – Full Video (Woli Agba).

Laugh out loud with Woli Agba’s comedy skits.

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Time:  1561619252 
Duration: 11:43
Rating: 4.62
Likes: 3955
Uploaded date: 2019-06-27 07:07:32


critique mystique August 3, 2019

Iranse oluwa u don crase…

critique mystique August 3, 2019

Iranse oluwa u don crase…

critique mystique August 3, 2019

Iranse oluwa u don crase…

Bello sikiru August 3, 2019

Thats shows dele fear soldier than God nawa ooo

Mojirayo Aina August 3, 2019

I can't laugh se woli how he dey dance,dele sorry oo

Rachael Olanrewaju August 3, 2019

Dele you suffer ooooooo

James Ezomon August 3, 2019

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Mathieu Bassole August 3, 2019

mosaïno boy omo ologo

Famuyiwa Olalekan August 3, 2019

woli agba just make sure those soldiers dont leave u oo… otherwise the boys will finish u that u wont have strenght to shout ATTACK again… nice one dele we go form our own church soon…

Olufemi James Bellos August 3, 2019

when you spot dissent in an organisation, as a leader you must stem the tide else the house will collapse! nice one!

SammyWillzVEVO August 3, 2019


martins prince August 3, 2019

This beating is real mehn


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Adeleke Bukola August 3, 2019

Loba tan daddy alaseju

Brother Brainless Comedy August 3, 2019

I really love this, dele and Woli agba fit get problem.

Nafesa Iyabo August 3, 2019

Haa daddy this is unfair oo

Daniel Rapheal August 3, 2019

5:05 right wrist of soldier on the left bleeding. who else noticed?

williams samuel August 3, 2019

I think Dele will be gentle after this

Francis Adeleke August 3, 2019

Hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….awon omokomo…walai woli agba, u be correct man..hahahaaaaa

TheChosen August 3, 2019

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TheChosen August 3, 2019

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olanrewaju damilola August 3, 2019

Why did hurt dele like this

Christabel Adetoro August 3, 2019

It’s really hurt Dele. Daddy will know now that eeyan lo wa nidi oro, ti oro fi n ke. Daddy Judi Judi

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