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Download Unending Love [ Ife Ailopin ] -.

A man abuses his wife physically and verbally concealing his love but no matter how powerful he thinks he is, he meets a higher power who puts him in check.

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Kemi Ismaila April 27, 2019

Why many people condemned this film??? The film is very interesting! The only thing I can say is that d girl called Deola is shying some how.

Favour Ramond April 27, 2019

y una no go act una own na to dey talk rubbish una think say e dey eash go try am

edward anxs April 27, 2019

that was a total foolish and frighten love of deola, i would never ever forgive that men if i was deola

333AncientGates April 27, 2019

(Score: Averagely Good – 70%)

I would say that it is clear the cast put in a lot of effort into their performance, however, the quality of the storyline and the concept of the movie was a big factor in the quality of this movie. Some scenes are not just realistic however the subtitles are fantastic and the actors were impressive especially Keji Jaiyeola.

oluwamodupe aishat April 27, 2019

Reading comment…i have to save my data because Nigeria is not easy I can't use my data for rubbishing movie..

esther F April 27, 2019

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Abike Sunshine April 27, 2019

Rubbish totally nonsense

Afonja Oluwasheyimi1 April 27, 2019

Hmmm nice . thanks for upload

Opeyemi Adebayo April 27, 2019

I don't understand this movie at all.

Victoria Efoghe April 27, 2019

Pls if u want to watch dis movie …..u can go ahead and watch ….its intreasting ….u people should just stop wasting people effort ….haba ….watin una want make dem act again …..shuuu …..intreasting movie

Latifah Ag April 27, 2019

Movie makes no sense…either the guy that did the editing was half asleep or the script writer n director didnt know what they were doing. The movie is just ALL over the place.
I'm sure if they arranged the scenes properly/got the time line straight the movie would be half decent.
Wished I read the comments before I wasted the last hour watching this rubbish.
Thanks for the upload sha

Olumide Kehinde April 27, 2019

Am so sorry but I really don’t like Ibrahim chatta especially when he does scenes like this.

Jprince April 27, 2019

what's the name of this Ibrahim chatter wife

Oluwasandy April 27, 2019

The ppl that edited this movie are mad, wat kind of stupid rubbish is this. The bridge scene is like the file got corrupt u now shoot it over then conjoin old and new together. Wat is with her bleeding? How did dare come into the pic? So many questions abt this feel. No wonder I had my hand on the fast forward button the whole time. Nollywood and quick project.

Samuel Akanni April 27, 2019

Interesting can a guy treat a lady like that, that guy is actless,just be cos he had a mission

Amina Damilola April 27, 2019

thanks for uploading

Esther Adedokun April 27, 2019

Reading all the comments, I have to switch to another movie. This comments are good it would help the rest of us not to waste our diamond time watching it. If it's not interesting, all you guys gboriwoles wouldn't have been left behind in all your gboriwoles comments. It makes me laugh though.

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