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Woli Agba Skits Compilation  Vol. 5

Here is another hilarious Comedy Skit by Woli Agba and Dele Omo Wooli.

Download Woli Agba Skits Compilation Vol. 5. Watch and Download Woli Agba Skits Compilation Vol. 5.

Laugh out loud with Woli Agba’s comedy skits.

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Time:  1548023401 
Duration: 10:42
Rating: 4.64
Likes: 634
Uploaded date: 2019-01-20 22:30:01


Favour Express August 3, 2019

Nikm. No issues opponent o of your invoice finance. If a in kick ooomikk gggtgS

ettekamba6969 August 3, 2019

Matter is any that has weight and occupy spaces

ettekamba6969 August 3, 2019

H2O is the formula for water

Daniel Mayowa August 3, 2019

Lolz……..baba ijo u funny oooooo

ayodele ishola August 3, 2019

Theses man u are real good I love u

Lola Funmi August 3, 2019

You know what! Bro. Ajewole, (not sure if that is your name though, forgive me if I am wrong) I like the fact that you make people laugh, but honestly you need to stop cursing. Seriously, stop cursing you are a Christian.

Oduse Mosun August 3, 2019

Daddy, daddy olodo niyin Sir

Olami Diamond August 3, 2019

u ar too funny

Bimpe mary Oladele August 3, 2019

daddy olodo ni yin. e mo kinetic energy.

Sugee Sunshine August 3, 2019

Daddy too dey fear

Ayoka Agboola August 3, 2019

Daddy no get liver o.

TubeHitz August 3, 2019

Daddy e seun Igba gbogbo..

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