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Download Yeye Oge Akanke Part 2 Yoruba Movie.

Akanke is a school drop out with no qualification or degree to get herself a good job so she hustles her life to survive. She would do all kinds of petty jobs for money and she is damn hard working which everyone in her neighborhood can testify to.
Unfortunately for Akanke, her hard work leads her to an old childhood friend who introduces her to the Happening Babes Cult. There, Akanke transforms to ‘Yeye Oge’ Akanke.

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Bolaji Eniola Rashidat April 28, 2019

Truly dere is nothing in dis part two,I think d part third will be meaningful

sunday tega April 28, 2019

The part 2 looks more like shopping shopping and shopping,its not educational a bit,

sunday tega April 28, 2019

So ritual is the last option to suffering and poverty? After all she was working,in fact she was doing well with her previous domestic jobs.

Temy Victoria April 28, 2019

This MOVie is just waste of time…..

Alhaja Waliyat Soliu April 28, 2019

Nice but i don't really understand this part 2


abeg this part is not part of movie atol they just advertising Dubai shopping

Ajettybabe Opeyemi April 28, 2019

What is this, wasting of time

Donrichie 2017 April 28, 2019

IGWEE na real actor

betty dami April 28, 2019

No storyline…. just shopping n showing Dubai

L Rose April 28, 2019

watse of precious time. Time is money!

Abdusalam Adeola April 28, 2019

This movie is not more than what we can view in just one and two this what next it's absolutely nonsense but out of nonsense we make sense so d three soon

Oyaleye Kemi April 28, 2019

pls part 3ooooooo

reggaebreast April 28, 2019

folabi lol lmao

Abass omogbolahan Richkid April 28, 2019

This Part 2 is nonsense abeg

Hayomide Olawunmi April 28, 2019

I reserve moi comments
fnks for the upload

Olanipekun iyanuoluwa April 28, 2019

Gosh, this part 2 has no meaning,what is all this, hoping for the best thou in next part

Omotoyosi Zainab April 28, 2019

please for d part 3

Jesutetede Ruth April 28, 2019

sorry part 3 of Yeye oge

Jesutetede Ruth April 28, 2019

hmm intresting film Pls part 2 Pls nd owo adebayo part 2

Jay jay Gab L April 28, 2019

Nice one. Thanks for the upload

Ani Olivia April 28, 2019

I can't remember the first part again. Why they always take time to post second part self.

Oluyemisi Onasanya April 28, 2019

Lovely movie part 3 please!

alabi olamide April 28, 2019

Very good and nice

Annie God April 28, 2019

Please oooh upload the concluding part thanks

Shade Owa April 28, 2019

Yoruba hood tank u for uploading dis movie,God will bless you, part 3 on time pls

Omobola Temoye April 28, 2019

Ha ha kilode? Part 3 Bawo? Anyways patiently waiting oh thanks for uploading

kazeem mujidat omobowale April 28, 2019

Please who knows that song at 59:20

Rofiat Omotorera April 28, 2019

I beg oo party 3 on time

Maryam Shady April 28, 2019

interesting movies part 3 pls

Ambassador Sunmola Oluwatosin April 28, 2019

I'm an analyst and I can't be biased. After watching the part1, I've nothing to review and thought the part2 will be better but it still turn out to be another disappointment again. The part2 looks worst and can't actually imagine what will happen in the part3. Pata Pata one of her ladies will not use handkerchief and things will turn bad to her. We already know that most ladies taking to abroad are been used as sex slaves. What else again. Pls better storyline next time jawe. Thanks for uploading. Jagaban✌✌✌✌

Essenam Akosile April 28, 2019

Finally!!!!!! I was checking everyday for this movie, thanks for uploading it.

Rafat Yusuf April 28, 2019

Thank you yorubahood for this good movies memunat beautiful black ebony good actress

333AncientGates April 28, 2019

(Score: Good – 84%)

The movie is educative in the sense that it educates ladies that travelling abroad is not easy especially without legal documentation and especially to places such as Dubai (except for business) you can always make it at home (Nigeria) moreover, it also teaches men that are promiscuous to be careful because it is a pathway towards ruin. I would say for effort overall the movie is good.

Abi Dheyme April 28, 2019

There's nothing in this part 2 at all, more like Dubai shopping things, lol, part 3 should be the main I guess

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