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Emure Postal / Zip codes (Ekiti State)

Emure Postal or Zip codes (Ekiti State) in Nigeria. Get Emure Postal or Zip codes (Ekiti State). Full List And Correct Zip Postal Code Digits.

Postal Codes In Nigeria Are Numeric, Consisting Of Six Digits. See all Emure Postal or Zip codes (Ekiti State) below:

Emure is one of the 16 Local Government Area (LGA) in Ekiti State, Nigeria. There are several locations within it which all make use of the same postal or zip codes.

Here are the postcodes for Emure:

Location Postcode
Owode 361104
Owosi 361104
Owosi Oba 361104
Oyimo Settlement 361104
Sasere 361104
Ugbo Uso 361104
Aba Adewale 361104
Ba Egin 361104
Opticum 361104
Aba Adeyemo 361104
Ba Ojilo 361104
Ose 361104
Aba Ajiboye 361104
Emure Ekiti 361104
Aba Ajireni 361104
Eporo Ekiti 361104
Aba Amin 361104
Ibeji Adu (Aro I) 361104
Aba lade 361104
Ibeji Adu (Aro II) 361104
Adeboye 361104
Ibeji Owode Oniyawa 361104
Agbanimu 361104
Ibeji Shittu 361104
Ago Sasere 361104
Ibeji Shittu II 361104
Ajebandele 361104
Idi Ope 361104
Akeye 361104
Igbo Owa (Old Emure Settlement) 361104
Alabamarum 361104
Igboso 361104
Alapoto 361104
Ilu Oge 361104
Amuroko 361104
Oke Seri 361104
Anaye 361104
Oke Sett 361104
Ayelala 361104
Omaje 361104

Postal codes in Nigeria are made up of six numeric digits, the first digit is the regional code with the last three digits representing the delivery location mostly a post office or an urban area.

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