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Flashlight: Top 10 Flashlight Apps for Android

Flashlight (third party flashlights) for android devices are becoming less demanding in market as an average Android mobile possesses its built-in flashlight. This is as a result of Google adding them to Android as early as Lollipop and OEMs have been including them on their OEM skins for far longer.


Flashlight is a very handful tools and utility apps for android. Though, no third party flashlights are necessary for Android OS smartphone presumably from version 5.0 but nevertheless, what should then be the fate of older versions and less functionary phones?

Flashlight for android phones - we've come this far to dish out the very best flashlight apps to Download to your android phones.

All these flashlights are virtually free of charge and found to be fast and reliable.

Top 10 Android Flashlight

List of Flashlight apps for Android devices that have been found at their best performance and function. Here is the carefully selected few (at least ten) Android Flashlight apps you can Download and use on your phone.

These flashlights provides bright light, consume less battery, less memory and do not create any useless folder or file in your android phones directory.

  1. Flashlight developed by Mobile Apps Inc is perhaps one of the most popular Android Flashlight apps on Google Play Store. Its of high performance too, sleek and consumes less memory storage on your device. This Android Flashlight absolutely worth having on device in the absence of built-in flashlights.
  2. Super Bright LED Flashlight presumably does actually what is expected from a mobile Flashlight app. The app has a beautifully designed, simple-to-use interface . The intuitively designed app also works on phones that do not have LED integrated into the hardware.
  3. Color Flashlight is one of the very best flashlights for Android devices. Color Flashlight projects bright light useful for you and in the process consumes low battery with high performance guaranteed.
  4. Flashlight HD LED app takes complete advantage of the LED installed in your device. Moreover, the Flashlight HD LED app launches itself quite quickly – the speed comes in quite handy when you want the flashlight to turn on instantly.
  5. Privacy Flashlight is one Android Flashlight app promoting what they barely announce with their name or title. Privacy Flashlight consumes less storage memory of around 1mb, works very fast and with indeed a user friendly interface. This Flashlight for Android devices also come with a responsive widget prompting you at the right time of need.
  6. TeslaLED Flashlight app isn’t the only app out there, of course not many produce light so bright. The app has a ‘strobe’ mode that emits regular light flashes. The mode has a built-in frequency controller. TeelaLED flashlight app contains a simple interface, a home screen widget that you can also theme, and a bare-bones permission list.
  7. Flashlight developed by SimGears, just as its counterpart. Flashlight absolutely performs its primary function of producing extremely better flashlight rarely found in other Flashlight apps presently. Its Download counts actually speaks for itself.
  8. Flashlight - Mega Flashlight is another flashlight that works with both your device screen and the LED flash on the back. You can make the device strobe in a variety of patters including emergency and Morse Code. It’s a very simple application and the app description explicitly explains why camera apps need camera permissions (in case you’d like to read it from a developer).
  9. Tiny Flashlight+ LED is tiny not by function but by size requiring the mean 1MB of storage to execute its functions. Tiny Flashlight+ LED is one of the most Downloaded Flashlight app for Android devices with millions of Downloads. The app features home screen widget that you can theme, strobe lights including Morse Code and police lights, and the fewest possible permissions.
  10. Torch is one other Flashlight app for Android devices, with millions of Download. Despite being so powerful, Torch flashlight requires little battery power. This means you would not run out of power on your mobile device even if you use the app for hours together. Overall, the app is an extremely handy tool to have during emergencies.

We hope this compendium of Android Flashlight apps finds the right place in your sight. Though, there are much more Flashlight apps for Android mobiles on the store but these very few are exceptional, but if we are to expand our list, it should contain about 30 best Android Flashlight apps but we just chose this little 10.