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Good Morning Messages for Lovers

Good Morning Messages

Good morning messages for friends, good morning message to my love, good morning wishes for lover, good morning messages for him, funny good morning message, morning wishes for someone special, good morning wishes for friends anyhow you want it named.

Let him or her know you're full of their thought...

Good morning text messages are the best way to let someone know that they're the first thing that you think of when you wake up. Not only are good morning texts romantic but they also are excellent relationship builders.

Browse our wonderful collection of sweet good morning quotes and messages. Send an amazing good morning to your boyfriend, girlfriend or best friend.

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Good Morning Messages to Gems

#Good Morning Message-1. It's not good until it's morning, And it's not beautiful until it's you. My heart just beat for you. Morning my love and Have a lovely day.

#Good Morning Message-2. Everybody wish their loved ones good night, But everyday, I wish you the best of the night. I leave you to the assurance that everything is alright, And I wish you the best morning and afternoon without plight.

#Good Morning Message-3. We've started this love trend, And I promise it'll be till the end. Until the end of time you're my best friend, And all your interest I promise to ever defend.

#Good Morning Message-4. Sweetness is nothing if not you, Nothing in me is great without you. I love you and I really do. Thanks for loving me too. Good Morning.

#Good Morning Message-5. No matter how fierce the battle of life would be, No matter how bizarre things would prove to be, Knowing that you will be there in times of need, Is nothing but the winning edge. Morning Love.

#Good Morning Message-6. More than the air I receive daily You've been the source of my muse Love that's ever boundless yet unfailing Is all you've given me. You are all I ever needed And I love you forever. Good Morning, I love You.

#Good Morning Message-7. My scars are healed All my worries gone My vigor is renewed My heart's whole again You've been the best thing, that ever happened to me! And I love you forever, As long as I have life in me. I just wish I can say more! Good Morning, I love you.

#Good Morning Message-8. When troubles mingled near Thanks for ever being there Your love is the stitch in time that saves my love's nine Forever and ever you and only you will be mine. Just to say good morning to you.

#Good Morning Message-9. I could have been lost without you I couldn't have been better me without you Everyday passing by, I say this prayer: God pls keep my love for me. Good morning my life.

#Good Morning Message-10. Desire is nothing if it will not be met Love is nothing without enough care I am nothing without you my love. Just saying thank you for everything Good morning.

Good Morning Messages to Lover

#Good Morning Message-11. I will fight for you like two-edged sword, I will love you forever, you have my word. You are so lovely, you rock my world! Your wish is my command, yes my Lord! Good morning my love.

#Good Morning Message-12. Together we will be five and six, And all wrongs for you, ever I'll fix! A moment with you, I don't want to miss. Stay with me forever baby please and please. Good Morning, I love you my heart.

#Good Morning Message-13. Best love life, you I am giving. Staying close to you, and never leaving. Forever with you and only you I am living. All your wrongs I will be forgiving. Forever with you, in love, I am cleaving! Good morning my Love.

#Good Morning Message-14. I've got the miracle my life needed Nothing more for me is ever needed A lifetime source of joy you really are My life and my love is who you really are Good morning, have a great day ahead.

#Good Morning Message-15. I love you I'm not just wishing, You are mine, I say it, I am not Preaching. The reason is sure and far-reaching. Simply, my life with you is so enriching. Good morning, my Love.

#Good Morning Message-16. I will always love you for who you are. And will never be far from you but close and near. I will be wherever you are my dear. What God has joined together, so we are! Good morning, my love.

#Good Morning Message-17. None known the source of the sweetness of Coconut, And so is the sweetness, into my life, you've brought. Whenever I am cold, your love brings warmth, And in weary moments it brings untold strength. I love you, good morning.

#Good Morning Message-18. A day is nothing good without the sun, As the night is nothing better without the moon. My morning night and noon is nothing without you. Good morning my life and my love.

#Good Morning Message-19. Completeness has no place in me without you Happiness is nothing with me without your love All the world put together can't measure your love I could have been nothing without your love Good morning my all, my love.

#Good Morning Message-20. You are sweet like sweet smelling savor, You fit into my life like a warrior's armor. And your beauty is sure a lifetime glamour. To Love you, that I will do more and more! Have a lovely morning my love.

Good Morning Messages to Special Ones

Good Morning Messages

#Good Morning Message-21. Loving you forever has been my dream For you bring comfort like a serene stream. You bring coolness, like chilled ice cream. You bring support like a well-structured beam Bringing brightness into my ways that are dim. I love you from my heart, not out of my whim! Good morning, my heart and my love.

#Good Morning Message-22. I am loving my life with you nonstop! I am giving in totally, sorry I can't stop. I have been down, but with you I'm now on top! My love, my sweet and my life, what's up? Good Morning, I love You.

#Good Morning Message-23. I've gone the last mile of the way I've seen the sunshine of the day I've seen goodness than words can say Still much of your love I can't repay To love you forever, my goal my mission You are my muse and end of discussion! I love you, good morning.

#Good Morning Message-24. As I look within me All I see is your love and care I can't just deny it, This isn't what I really deserve! I love you as long as I have a life. For you've been all I ever needed. Good Morning, I love You.

#Good Morning Message-25. Daily, I see my goals being met My dreams following, are coming true I look ahead and I can see a world of bliss With you by me, nothing seems impossible You've changed my life, it's obvious You've been the melody in my heart of hearts And when I thought it through All I can say is thank you for a lifetime. Good Morning, I love You.

#Good Morning Message-26. I am ever the best of me, For as long as I am with you Boundless is how our love will be For as long as it's me and you. Good morning, I love you.

#Good Morning Message-27. With the love we both share My life is forever complete With each passing moment Our love proves endless. Good Morning, I love you.

#Good Morning Message-28. Right beside you is where I belong Doing you right, I desist from wrong Sticking with you, I'll do all day long You are mine forever, that's my song! Good Morning, I love you.

#Good Morning Message-29. Welcome to a new day my love. The world awaits your motivation, and your smile. How I wish I could be the first to have a cut! Morning my lovely love!

#Good Morning Message-30. No other definition has love than YOU. You are my crown and my joy true and true. I choose you to reign in my heart of heart, And there you will ever be and be intact. Good morning my darling sweetheart.

Good Morning Messages for Her

#Good Morning Message-31. Our Love stories is more than entertainment, Saying I love you is more than Endearment. The expression of our love outshines a thousand Panegyearics, And our love life is more than mere romantic Lyrics. Good Morning this morning my Life.

#Good Morning Message-32. Your love makes me see the light of a new day. With you forever I'll like to see another day. You are awesome in all your ways. And Lovely you are, through all days.

#Good Morning Message-33. Welcome to a new day my love. The world awaits your motivation, and your smile. How I wish I could be the first to have a cut! Good Morning my dear love!

#Good Morning Message-34. The best of me is found with you. The greatest of me, yet with you. I couldn't have been this lovely, If not for your love. Good Morning.

#Good Morning Message-35. How you have loved me, still keeps me thinking. Your love is all the best in life that I can ever find. I just came to say, I am blessed by this. Good Morning to you my love.

#Good Morning Message-36. No other definition has love than YOU. You are my crown and my joy true and true. I choose you to reign in my heart of heart, And there you will ever be and be intact. Good morning my darling sweetheart.

#Good Morning Message-37. The bird has done all their chattering, The trees has given all their wavings, The sun will soon give all its vitamin D, But my love for you is coming throughout today, Good morning my love.

#Good Morning Message-38. To you I give my all my pleasures/treasures And I want just a sentence from you to me. I want you to say "I Love You Forever" That is more than all I ever have.

#Good Morning Message-39. In troubled times, when I felt helpless, Your love gave me hope that I couldn't give myself! And I just thought how derided I would have been without you! You deserve all of me my love! Good morning to you.

#Good Morning Message-40. The sun would have been darkness to me without you The cool of the day would have been hotness without you. My sleeping and waking are all because of your love. Good morning my Sweetness.

#Good Morning Message-41. I am worth nothing without you. But my very best is in living you. Waking up lovely each morning, Fills me with until joy- It's all because I have you.

#Good Morning Message-42. In you I find courage when things go wrong, and you are my source of hope when in life I am lost. I come to say thank you for loving me this way. Good Morning to you my love.

#Good Morning Message-43. Your thought comes with the shining of the sun, And your much care overrides me when the sun goes down. I choose thinking of you over all fun! Just wish you will be fine till the day is gone Good Morning sweetie.

#Good Morning Message-44. Your thought is more soothing than the appearance of moonlight Just to think of you daily I'll be alright I promise to be there morning, afternoon and night And to love you will be my main job and not oversight.

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