Gwagwa zip code (postal code) — Abuja

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Gwagwa zip code (postal code) — Abuja in Nigeria. Get Gwagwa zip code (postal code) — Abuja. Full List And Correct Zip Postal Code Digits.

Postal Codes In Nigeria Are Numeric, Consisting Of Six Digits. See all Gwagwa zip code (postal code) — Abuja below:

Gwagwa is a district in Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC). It is made up of several locations that make use of the same postal or zip codes.

Here are the areas in Gwagwa, Abuja and their zip codes:

Location Postcode
Bagusa 900106
Dei-die 900106
Filin Dabo 900106
Filin Dabo I 900106
Filin Dabo II 900106
Gwagwa 900106
Kaba 900106
Kagini 900106
Karsana I 900106
Karsana II 900106
Karsana III 900106
Saburi I 900106
Saburi II 900106
Tasha 900106
Zaudna 900106

Postal codes in Nigeria are made up of six numeric digits, the first digit is the regional code with the last three digits representing the delivery location mostly a post office or an urban area.

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