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Happy Birthday Son Wishes & Quotes From Mom And Dad

Happy Birthday Son Wishes & Quotes From Mom And Dad | Wishes SMS, Quotes, Cares, Motivational Quotes, Well wishes text messages, etc.

Children are the Heritage Of God, they are the best gift from God to Human kind. Every married couple always feel blessed when their marriage is blessed with a beautiful child, it’s an evidence of a blessed marriage. Children often fill their parents life with immersive happiness when they are born.

Sons are their parent happiness and heritage, they often help to grow the family prestige and keep growing the family name from generation to generations. Sons are their mothers strength and fathers happiness. The arrival of a son in the family often bring immersive happiness.

As children keeps growing up, parent often feel proud. They are happy to know that a child they nurture and cared for from childhood is now an adult. The welcome of a child into a family use to be filled with happiness and family from far and wide come near to celebrate the newly born.

The biggest heritage any one could have in life is to leave a big legacy and the biggest legacy, you can leave in life as a parent is to have a well trained child who will keep building your empire even when you are in the world beyond.

Children is considered to be the biggest joy in every marriage and as they grow old and keeps making you happy, you tend to want celebrate them and sometimes you feel like making them happy simply by sending them a lovely text on their birthday, just to make the day feel more special. It’s the day you remember and feel happy that you brought him to the world.

We will be dropping few lovely messages you can send to your Son on his birthday here, which will necessarily inspire them to do better and make you more happy.

  1. Today is a very special day. It is a remembrance of the day I brought you into the world, the day both old and young came together to celebrate your arrival. I love you Son. Happy birthday.

  2. Birthday is a blessing which is celebrated every year as the remembrance of God greatness in our life. I bless God for giving you to me. Happy birthday Son. I love you so much.

  3. Birthday is often celebrated so as to count God blessing in our life. It’s a day which we count our blessing and years, also to thank God for all he has done. Today I pray to God never to see you sad. I love you my son. Happy birthday.

  4. Today I pray for you to be happy forever and never have reason to be sad regardless of any challenges life bring towards you. I love you my son. Happy birthday dear.

  5. My wishes for you today is that you find so much love and joy in life and never experiences obstacles that you won’t be able to overcome. I am happy to call you My Son. Happy birthday my Prince Charming.

  6. The love I have for you is stronger than every other Love that I have ever experienced in life. I love you now and forever my lovely Son. Happy birthday My lovely son.

  7. As you celebrate your birthday every year, I hope you look back and be happy for the immersive happiness life have brought towards you. I love you. Happy birthday Son.

  8. In my the saddest days you have been the source of my strength and in my happiest days, you have always been there with me. I bless God for giving me a lovely son like you. Happy birthday my son. I love you deeply.

Happy Birthday Son Wishes & Quotes From Mom And Dad
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Happy Birthday Son Wishes From Mom And Dad

  1. In everything I own in life, bringing you to the world is one of my biggest and most valuable possession. Can’t imagine life if you are not there for me as a son. I love you my prince!

  2. Son are their mother and father’s heritage and lineage but you have given us so much more than that. You have been my caretaker and the amount of care you have showed us is worth more than gold or silver. I love you so much and Happiest birthday Son.

  3. My Son I use Today as a point of contact to the rest of your life, May you experience Joy more than you deserve, I pray that old and Young will bow at your feet. I love you more than life it self. Happy birthday.

  4. I am happy to know I have raised a King and I’m more pleased to know I have installed a good value in you. I have no reason not to love you till death. Happy birthday Son.

  5. I know you will be my strength in my old age and my supporter in my dying hour. I wish to be your mother if am opportune to return to this world again. Happy birthday Son. I love you deeply.

  6. You are my bundle of Joy and source of greatness, Without you In my life, I won’t be called a mother. Thank you for coming into my life. I love you Son. Happy birthday.

  7. You have never made me regret bringing you to the world and I am so pleased to know you will never give me reason to regret till death. Happy birthday Son. I love you.

Wishes for Son on His Bday

  1. I remember how you always wanted to get freedom and wanted me to stop telling you what to do. See you are all grown up and you the one telling me what direction to take. I am happy to be your mother/father. Happy birthday Son.

  2. The world won’t have been a better place without you in it, God has specially made you for me and you have been a source of Joy in my life. I love you Son. Happy birthday.

  3. I have promised to always stand by you through thick and thin. No matter what life throws at you, always have it at the back of your mind, that I’m always here to make you happy. Happy birthday My Son.

  4. As you mark another year in life. You are a taking a bold and more courageous step to greatness. I pray God’s love and compassion will always be with you till your dying days. I love you my son. Happy birthday.

  5. I pray your birthday is filled with so much blessing and God’s love. I hope you live more to experience many more. Happy birthday to my one in a million kind of son. I love you so much.

  6. I remember the first time I set my eyes on you, i was filled with so much joy. The arrival of my bundle of joy. Life can’t be meaningful without you. I love you. Happy birthday Son.

  7. You have been a great child to me, you brought so much joy and love to my life and I blessed God for blessing me with such a bundle of Joy. Happy birthday Son.

  8. You will always be my own source of happiness even in many years to come, I will still love you much more. Happy birthday Son.

  9. You are a like a treasure box in my life that’s filled with so many surprises. You keep giving me many sweet surprises as years pass by. I love you so much. Happy birthday Son.

Greatest Happy Birthday Son Wishes

  1. I remember the first time you called me your Mom/papa, your voice was very tiny and lovely and now you are all grown up and filled with a lots of confident. I am proud you are my son. Happy birthday son.

  2. I remember how I help you take your first step in life by guiding you to walk and now you are all grown up and you have brought a lot of smile to my face. I care so much for you. Happy birthday Son.

  3. To us a child is given and blessed with great and lot of life blessing. I bless God cause you are able to fulfill God blessing in your life. I love you so dearly. Happy birthday Son.

  4. I am happy and blessed that I am able to call you my child, you gave me so much pride and happiness. I can’t imagine living life without you in it. Happy birthday Son.

  5. I celebrate you my child for being such a great person, you have made us proud as your parent and you have never made us regret bringing you to this world. I love you so dearly. Happy birthday Son.

  6. My greatest joy in life is bringing you to the world. You have always done great exploit with hard work and you keep flourishing in life. I am happy to be your father/ mother. Words are not enough to prove my love for you my child. Happy birthday Son.

  7. You are my inspiration in life, you have always brought me joy and peace of mind. Children like you are one of a kind. I love you much dearly. Happy birthday Son.

  8. When I leave this world behind and go to heaven I will be at peace knowing that I left a legacy in life which is worth more than silver nor Gold. I love you my world. Happy birthday Son.

  9. Even if I have nothing in the world. The thought that I have you is enough to make me happy for the rest of my life. I love you. Happy birthday Son.

Still On Happy Birthday Wishes & Quotes For Son

  1. The greatest gift in life is having a child who loves you dearly, I am happy to know you have always choose to make me happy. I love you my world. Happy birthday Son.

  2. In my old age, you will be my only support to care and nurture me, You are my hope in my old age and the greatest joy in my weak days. I love you. Happy birthday Son.

  3. You brought me something more special than greatness, you gave me peace and everlasting rest of mind. I know a child like you is one in a million. I love you so deeply. Happy birthday Son.

  4. You are my happiness and the reason for my smile. Nothing in this world can give the amount of happiness you have brought to my life. I love you. Happy birthday Son.

  5. Children are their parents best friend and first priority in life. I love you and I am blessed to call you Mine. I care for you so much. Happy birthday Son.

  6. Thank You for making me proud and thank you for never disappointing me. You have never brought sadness to my home instead you have always make us happy. I love you till eternity. Happy birthday Son.

  7. I pray to God to never make you sad, I pray he gives you Joy and Strength to overcome all the life challenges. I love you deeply My World.

  8. The riches and Success I have gathered in life is not enough to the amount of blessing I have gain in life through bringing you to the world. I love you my Joy. Happy birthday Son.

  9. The first day I saw you smile was the most happiest day of my life, your tender smile and beautiful face have been my heart warmest happiness and I want to see you smile forever till death. I love you mucho. Happy birthday son.

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