How To Boost Your Blog’s Traffic

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Getting to setup a blog is not the Challenge of many bloggers today but the point of the issue comes when the blog is fully ready and there is no audience to read its contents. Nothing can be so displeasing than you going the extra mile to seek a cool, genuine and informative article only to discover nobody or only a few people know you exist.

Every niche has its audience, be it sport, business, tech etc. The thing is now you go out to look for your audience. No business can ever grow without proper marketing.

Things You Must Do
You need to make people know what you do,
You need to bring your service closer to them,
You need to make them know you exist,
They need to know you have got a solution to their long time question.
The tips in this article might not be new to you, though I have tried my best to make it as simple as it can be and understandable. The present Challenge with bloggers in the blogging world is that only a few are ready to spend on their blog.

Life is garbage in garbage out, it is what you sow that you will reap. You can’t expect someone who went the extra mile to gathering over 10,000 emails to have the same page views with someone always looking for where to spam. Someone who boost his/her post to get over 8000 page views with someone who just does ordinary sharing. The difference will be there.

You have been reading articles like this for long but what will make the difference is if;

1. You are ready to invest your money
2. You are ready to be consistent
3. You are ready to invest your time
4. You are ready to give it what it takes.

Rome was not built in a day, this Mazinoweb that you are now part of his audience went out or strategized in one way or the other on how to get you here.

Join me on the practical journey on the 7 Marketing tips to boost your blog audience.

1. Social Media Marketing


Most of us that are bloggers can send broadcast messages anytime on WhatsApp but our own blog contents are there crying for who to read them.

One of the best and most reliable social media to trend a news or info is WhatsApp. You copy post topics with a little teaser and broadcast it, you can even put it at the bottom that “don’t enjoy this alone, rebroadcast”.

Let your friends know. As you’re broadcasting they are also broadcasting. Just be sure it’s a meaningful content that they will want to read.

Facebook and Twitter

These are popular ones that we can’t do without. May I say this, that most bloggers often market amiss on Facebook. Here is it, there are groups where we often place our link that can never yield any positive result. You need to post links in groups related to your niche. Don’t just post anyhow. You need to get a Facebook page, either buy or create. You need to get a Facebook group, either buy or create.

You need to get a Twitter account. Get people to stay connected to you, boost post when you need to, use auto share to get your posts on your Twitter account using relevant hashtags.

2. Content Marketing

Why on earth will you get good traffic with copy and paste? Oh, you think your readers won’t know When they read a post on Mazinoweb and still see the exact post on your own, they can’t read again They need fresh articles, not repeated ones. To get good audience rate, your audience must be able to stay assured that you will give them cool and quality write-up with solid information.

3. Email Marketing

This is one marketing skill that is really making sense. In fact one of these days, I intend making a post on email marketing. You have come about people say “to get so so information free, drop your email”. What do you think is the brain behind that? They want to get people who are interested and to know those that has an interest in an article relating to a particular niche. I believe if you drop your mail to get a free guide on traffic, you will also need other blogging tips so I will add you to my email list. When you are able to get a long and good email list, then you could start your email marketing. You can also put “Subscribe to email alert” below your blog. Yes, it works!

4. Commenting

Commenting is one sure way to get an audience on your blog. When you drop meaningful replies or contributions to posts on other blogs with just a link indicating the blog you own, people will come in search of you. Take for example after reading a business article on a blog or site, you had a thought of what people’s questions might be on it or what people might not be clear about and you treated it fine with your link at the bottom, people will want to visit the source. I am not saying you should go ahead spamming. If you spam, you’re doing it at your own risk.

5. Guest Posting

I happen to send a guest post for a blog while ago and actually, I never knew the blogger had published the article on his blog. I was going through my traffic source when I saw the blogger’s URL and immediately I dashed out to see and truly I saw it has been published.

I had also made thousands of page views from guest posting. You can do it, it’s a way of marketing your blog through what you write. Utilize the about author well to give a description of what you do and not who you are.

6. Offline Marketing

This sure works!. What I do at a time was that I started telling my friends about my blog. I tell them what I do, in fact, I even collected their phones and opened my blog to show them, then bookmark it on their phone. Telling people about your blog works a lot, don’t be ignorant of it, tell friends to tell their friends about it.

7. Network Marketing

This is really the craziest of all. The first time I saw this, I was dazed. I was calling a friend of mine on the phone when his blog address and description suddenly appeared and this was how it was for anyone who calls him. This is marketing and you can do it. What network are you using? Call the customer care and explain what you want to do. If you are really determined to blog and you are passionate about it then you need to give it what it takes.

This post was written by Kayode Oluwatobiloba Emmanuel for Mazinoweb. Kayode is a blogger, a freelancer, a business psychologist and a motivator. He owns  where he shares tips and secrets on business success and motivates youths for financial buoyancy.